I have 8 mates


"You don’t get it do you we want you not some other skank you " Dante shouted

"Why you could have any one you wanted why me I’m nothing special an-" I whimpered though my tears my vision blurred. My chest burning with a feeling of dread and denial. My brain couldn’t process all of this information. It had sent me into overdrive.

"Why can’t you just accept we want you, you’re sexy, smart, and you love us not our money." He replied frustration clear in his tone. His face showing the sheer disbelief at my words.

" But- " I tried to reason.

"f**k this" Daniel said as he marched right up to me pushing me against the nearest wall to us. Holding with one hand on my hip and the other holding my throat in a tight grip. Not hard enough to strangle me but tight enough for my focus to be solely on him.

"What are you-" Was all I was able to get out of my lips before he covered them with his own lips as they descended upon my own and I forgot in a instance what we were talking about the only thought going through my mind was the burning need for him to be inside of me filling me to the brim.

Luke must have read my mind because in an instant my feet were no longer on the ground and I was away from Daniel and in Luke's arms; half way up the stairs with the seven of them following behind at a rapid pace.

Jessica Brown was a ordinary 18 year old girl with normal problems such as rude teachers fake friends and of course what she didn't think she would have to deal with was 8 sexy controlling mates.

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Jessica's POV "Get up you’re late!" My mum shouted from downstairs. "Okay!!! If you didn't take my phone then maybe I would wake up earlier" I shouted back groaning from lack of sleep. My eyes slightly blurry from the sleep in my eyes. Yawning I rolled over and stuffed my face back into my pillow. "How is that even relevant" She replied shouting back up the stairs. Is she actually being serious? "My alarm duh" I sassed back. "Just get dressed....... Bye!!" She said as I heard the door slam shut indicating she had left for work. "Bye!!" I murmured even though I know she couldn’t hear me. I rolled out of bed and got in the shower the steam helping to loosen up my muscles. Once I was finished with washing, I got out of the shower and got dressed. Dashing out the house as I was running late as usual but you know black people timing. Because of the time, I couldn't grab breakfast but I guess that wasn't different from any other day.  As was locking the door the bus zoomed pass me. I sighed groaning in annoyance, I guess I’m taking the bus today. As I finally got to school, I approached my class and I was nearly knocked over by my close friend Mya. I don’t do best friends in school as something always seems to go wrong, the only time I call someone my best friend is when we no longer go to the same school and yet we still keep in contact. Which is why my only best friend doesn't go to my school. "Jessica you don't even understand how much I missed you over this holiday don't you have your phone yet?" She asked with a laugh. She already knows what my mum is like, my mum is like her second mum. " Nah she's really longing it out this time" I said with an eyeroll. Huffing out my annoyance. " Ohhh.... Anyway, the juice I need to tell you .... Oh my god you won’t even believe it" she squealed. " Tell. Me. Everything." I practically squealed. The good information in this school didn’t come around often but when it did. It is the most interesting thing this school has to offer. " Okay where do I start. First of all, you know how everyones saying new year new me" She started. " Yeah" I probed. " I think they me new year new nudes because they all got exposed!" She said in a low tone just in case someone was listening. Every year there would be an ** page in which was dedicated to exposing the nudes of people in the area, and every year the amount of girls we knew on there grew. You would think that due to us being in the era of exposing s**t, that girls that sent nudes would in sure that their faces couldn’t be seen so if anything was to happen, they could deny it. " Jesus wept. Who's on there this time?" I questioned. " I don't know who yet but Lucy, Amelia, Skye, Pharelle, and bare other girls they didn't even come into school today. So, I think it’s safe to assume that at least some of them are the ones in the picture." " Damn in a way I feel bad for them but, then again why would you send nudes if your man can just come over or you can go to him and show him in person because if you are comfortable to send nudes then you’re comfortable to get naked in it" I argued. Don’t get me wrong in not condoning the behaviour more so trying to understand why people take the pictures in the beginning. " True but now I have to tell you the second piece of juice basically- " She started but was interrupted by Miss Jordan. " GIRLS BE QUITE AND TAKE OUT YOUR PLANNERS AND BOOKS AND START THE WORK FOR THE LAST TIME IF YOU DON'T YOU MAY AS WELL TAKE YOURSELF DOWN TO MR SHEPHERDS OFFICE" She practically screamed. " Sorry miss" we replied in together and, started the work. After the lesson I had already forgotten Mya was meant to tell me something else and just carried on my day that was until I got home and found the thing Mya was supposed to tell me.

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