Chapter 2

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Mr. and Mrs. Dayton looked at Jenny, surprised by her reaction. Mr. Dayton asked, "What's wrong Jenny? Aren't you happy for Laura?" Jenny came to her senses and said quickly, "Of course I am. I was just surprised. I mean all of a sudden your telling me Laura's getting married you know. Anyway, I'm happy for her. I'm sorry if I startled you." "It's okay dear. We understand. After all, you are Laura's best friend. It's perfectly normal to get excited," said Mrs. Dayton with a loving smile. "Ah thanks" Jenny replied hesitatingly and turning to Jack she said, "Congratulation Mr. Cooper." "Call me Jack. And thanks." he said without giving any emotion. "Okay Jack." Jenny said and turned to Laura. "I'd like to congratulate you in private." She told her and then smiled at the rest of the people. "Excuse us," she told them and then grabbing Laura's hand, she left the room taking Laura with her. .................... Mr. and Mrs. Dayton turned to Jack and smiled. Mrs. Dayton said "Jenny must be very excited. She and Laura are very close. They have grown up together and they are more like twin sisters to each other rather than cousins." Jack nodded not saying anything. He was thinking about Jenny. She has surprised him and has successfully managed to grab his attention which was a very rare case. For some reason, he was intrigued by her. She was different from all the other women. Though they just met but there was something, something very special about her. When she first saw him she wasn't mesmerized by his looks or money. She hadn't tried to throw herself at him like other women. Well, neither has Laura but he has guessed that was because she was in love with someone else. But even she has admired his looks. He had seen that in her eyes. Everyone has always looked at him with admiration for his looks and his wealth. But not Jenny. In fact, she had looked at him with despise in her eyes and that's what has surprised him more. He was used to people looking at him with respect, idolization, fear, devotion, lust, desire, greed and envy. But never in his life, he has seen a girl look at him with despise. Another unusual thing about her was her simplicity. She didn't wear any makeup. There was a natural beauty in her but it was as if she was trying to hide it! She was wearing a simple shirt and plain jeans. Her light brown hair with blonde highlights was pulled back into a ponytail and there was a carefree expression in her face. As if she couldn't care less what the world thinks about her. One look at her and he could tell that she was a tomboy. A very stubborn and arrogant tomboy. "Interesting." He thought to himself as twitching his lips into a small smile, "Very very interesting." ............................. In Laura's room, Jenny locked the door and faced Laura angrily. "What the heck is going on?" She asked. Laura started crying and hugged Jenny tightly. "Laura?" Jenny shook Laura with concern but Laura didn't respond. She kept crying hugging Jenny tightly. "Laura, baby please stop crying and tell me what's going on!" "You heard what's going on. I'm going to get married to Jack." "But why?" "Because back when we were children, dad, and Jack's father had promised each other that they will have me and Jack married to each other when we grow up. And you know dad, Jenny. When he Promises something he keeps his promise no matter what." "What do you mean by he has promised Jack's dad to give your marriage to him! How could he promise something like that! It's not his decision to make!" "I know that Jenny, and he knows that too! He was just carried away by emotions at that time and it just seemed like a good idea to him back then. But now he feels guilty about it, to snatch my right of choosing my own soulmate. But nothing can be done now, he'd never betray his promise." "When did you get to know about all this?" "Last night. After Mr. Cooper called dad to talk about our marriage." "But what about Boris?" Jenny asked holding Laura's shoulder. "Haven't you told uncle about Boris? I'm sure you haven't. Tell him about Boris. I'm sure he will stop this marriage then." Laura started crying harder. "I did tell him about Boris Jenny, but he said he won't change his mind. He also told me that if I try to run away or deny marrying Jack, he will ruin Boris's career. And he means it, Jenny. Mr. Cooper is a very powerful man. If dad wants then he could ruin Boris's life with Mr. Cooper's help. I can't let that happen. I'll have to marry Jack." "What! He could not do this! That's not the Uncle Jeremy I know! How could such a sweet and loving person do this to his own daughter! There's must be some kind of misunderstanding!" "There is no misunderstanding Jenny!" Laura screamed desperately. "Dad may be a wonderful person most of the time but he can also go to any extent to fulfill his promise. I need to marry Jack. There's no way out!" "Are you insane? You and Boris have been madly in love with each other since high school. Are you really telling me that only because of a stupid promise uncle will ruin his own daughter's life? No, I won't let this happen. I will stop this!" "No! Don't!", Laura panicked, "He will ruin Boris." She started shivering. "Laura, listen to me. Stop panicking. Laura! Look at me." Laura looked at her and calmed down a little. "Do you trust me?" Jenny asked softly. Laura nodded. "Then trust me, I won't let this marriage happen. You will marry only and only Boris, the man you love and who loves you the same. And I won't let anyone harm Boris. I promise you. And if uncle Jeremy never breaks his promises then I'm also his niece and I don't break my promises either", Jenny said with a determined voice. Laura became hopeful after hearing this. She knew Jenny very well and knew that now Jenny will stop this marriage no matter what. "But how will you do this? How will you stop this marriage?" "I won't," Jenny said with a crooked smile. "Jack will."
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