Taming Of The TOMBOY!!!!

love after marriage
arranged marriage

This marriage, it was a huge mistake; it should have never happened in the first place, not like this. I... I completely understand your reluctance at staying at this marriage. So I have decided to set you free. I guess that's the only right thing I can do for you now.

Jack finished with just a little bit hope that maybe, just maybe, by some miracle she would refuse this proposal, that she'd want to stay with him.

You are right Jack. Everything you said was right. I'm glad that you are finally able to see my point. Jenny said calmly with a blank expression and with that all his hopes were shattered. So she wanted out after all. There's no hope for him then. **

Jenny and Laura are cousins and have been best friends since their childhood. So when Laura's father forced her into a marriage against her will with the sexy, hot, arrogant, egoistic, dominant and super rich Jack cooper Jenny steps in to help Laura out of this marriage. Will Jenny succeed in her mission of kicking Jack out of their life forever? Or does Jack have some unknown plans of his own? Plans that goes along the line of taming one particular tomboy?

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Chapter 1
"Jenny?" called Mrs. Parker loudly again, and again came no response from her daughter. "Jenny!" Mrs. Parker called louder only to greet by the silence again making her sigh. "God! What am I going to do with this girl!" Mrs. Parker said to herself opening the door of Jenny's room. As expected her bookworm daughter was completely lost in a book, shutting herself completely from the rest of the world. Mrs. Parker sighed again as she went to her daughter and snatched the book from her hand. Jenny jumped "Mom! You scared me! I didn't even hear you coming. But forget it and give me back my book." Mrs. Parker didn't return the book. "And how exactly did you expect to hear me coming when you shut all your senses while reading a book like that? Do you have any idea how many times I have called your name?" "Umm no. I'm sorry I didn't notice you calling me. I guess I was too engrossed with the book. Now please give it back to me." "No." She said sternly. "Why not? I was in the last chapter and I'm dying to know what happened next! Please give it back mom, please." Jenny pleaded. "You are not getting your book back until you come down from that bed of yours and take shower and get something to eat." "I'll do all of those things after I finish this book! Now give it back to me." Jenny said impatiently. "No. You were awake the whole night with this book!" she complained. "Well, I couldn't help it. This book is just too interesting and now you are simply killing me by not letting me read the rest!" "You tell that about every book. Seriously Jenny why do you always torture yourself like this? Either you are working like hell in your office or you are reading a book completely forgetting to eat or sleep. Do you even remember when was the last time you ate something? Look at the mirror! You are a complete mess!" "Mom you know very well that I don't care about how I look, so now just give my book back or you will not be able to get me to eat anything for the rest of the day. Do you want that?" "Fine take it", she said handing Jenny the book angrily."You are going to do what you want to do anyway. I just keep wasting my energy for nothing." She said angrily as she started to leave the room. "Thanks, Mom", Jenny said, "And Mom?" "Yeah?" "I love you." Mrs. Parker smiled hearing this and kissed her daughter's cheek. "I love you too honey. I just wish that you were a little less stubborn and a little more mature." "But I am mature!" "Yeah, sure honey.", She said with an amused smile. "I am!" "When did I that say you were not?" she laughed again and left the room. Jenny crossed her arms in stubbornness and thought to herself, "God knows why they all think that I'm still a kid. I mean I am perfectly mature, right? Right. So I shouldn't bother about it." And then she started reading her book again. .................... After 15 minutes Jenny got up from her bed, showered and went to the kitchen. Mrs. Parker looked at her and asked "Finished reading?" "Yup. And now I'm dying with hunger! Get me something real quick." "Oh so now you remember you are hungry. Thank God that you finally do!" she said while serving Jenny breakfast. Jenny finished eating quickly and got up from chair reaching for her car keys. "Where are you going now?" Her mom asked. "To uncle Jeremy's house. I want to see Laura." "Sure you do." She smiled and said, "Bring her home and I'll make her favorite cookies for her." Jenny smiled. Knowing Laura and herself, she'd have ended up bringing her home anyway. "Okay. I'll try. Bye, Mom." "Bye and listen..." Jenny interrupted her "I know mom 'drive carefully'. Why do you always say the same thing every time I go out?" "So that you remember." she smiled. "Okay. I will. Now bye." ...................... When Jenny parked her car at her uncle's parking lot she saw a limousine parked beside her uncle's car. "So they have got visitors in their house", She thought and got out of her car. She rang the doorbell and Laura opened the door. "Hi!" Jenny exclaimed and hugged her cousin tightly. She and Laura have been best friends since their childhood and there has always been this special bond between them. They are always there for each other and both of them can gladly sacrifice their own life for the sake of the other if needed. Jenny noticed with alarm that Laura didn't smile back at her and rather looked at her with a pleading look. Jenny's heart sank seeing her face. "Laura, What's wrong?" Jenny asked worriedly. Laura opened her mouth to answer but before she could say anything she was interrupted by her father, Jeremy Dayton. "Jenny!" He exclaimed with happiness. "What a convenient time for you to arrive! Come in, come in. I have an excellent surprise for you!", he said ushering a confused Jenny in. When Jenny entered the room she saw a stranger sitting on the couch. Something on the back of her mind told her that this stranger was the reason for Laura's apparent distress. So she inspected him closely. He was dressed in highly expensive clothes and was incredibly handsome; probably one of the most good-looking men she'd ever laid her eyes on and Jenny could tell that he was used to women throwing themselves at him all the time. He was tall, she could see that even though he was in a sitting position. As she moved her eyes to his face to inspect him more closely, her eyes were captured by his gorgeous light blue eyes, eyes that were now fixed at hers intensely as if to read her soul. He looked like a man who is used to getting everything that he desires. There was a hint of pride and arrogance in his looks and Jenny immediately decided that she didn't like this man. "So Jenny," her uncle said beaming with genuine happiness, "Here, I'm proud to introduce you to Jack Cooper, the only son of my childhood best friend Jordan Cooper. And Jack, this is my dear niece Jenny Parker." "Hello," Jenny said to Jack as she extended her hand for a handshake with a polite smile. Even though she didn't like this man, she wasn't about to be rude. She could tell that this man was very important to her uncle and she could never hurt him by being impolite to his guest. Besides, her mother has raised her better than that. She could be a tomboy, but she was a well-mannered one! Jack didn't smile back and just gave her hand a brief shook. And at that moment Jenny started hating Jack Cooper even more. "And now is the time for the surprise!", her uncle said excitedly. "Oh really? What is that?" Jenny asked curiously. "Well," Mr. Dayton said as his eyes danced with excitement as if he was about to reveal a deep secret. " Jack is not only my best friend's son. He is also Laura's future husband!" Jenny froze on her spot. Her breath was caught on her throat. She felt like someone has hit her really hard on the head. "What!" She screamed.

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