Chapter Two

913 Words
Sammy's POV "So, how are you? How's school?" I ask after as soon as we arrived at the coffee shop near our university." YES. We. I’m with Justin. This one right here is so persistent. Hence, when we arrive, both of my best friends gave Justin that look. You know, the usual look when they are interrogating me. And until now, they really didn’t take their eyes off him. I have to do something.  "Guys! Irene! Casey!" I tried to call them to divert their attention to me but it's no use. "I hate you both!" I said then crossed my arms. They both look at me. I finally got their attention. "What?" Casey answered me. "I'm asking you how's your day?" "It’s fine… nothing special happened. YOU. How's your first day? I bet something happened." Irene answered me this time then gave me a 'Try-To-Lie-And-I'll-Kill-You' look. I roll my eyes inwardly. Here they go again! "Well, sorry to disappoint you Ren but nothing happened." I answered but she just smirked. Oh no! "Really huh? Then why are you with this guy? Justin right?" Irene said then look at Justin. The lather only nodded. "Look, I’m with him because he insists okay?" I said. Trying to defend myself here. "He insist? Really? Why don’t you just introduce him to us?" Casey butted in. "I already did." I answered with a bored look to her. "HA-HA-HA.. funny! You know it’s not what Casey means is, Sammy." -Irene "Ugh! Okay! Okay!" I said in defeat. *Sighed* "This is Justin, my classmate, block mate, and FRIEND." I started trying to emphasize that Justin and I are only friends and nothing but friends. "He's from EastWest High. He was a varsity. He was the captain of their team a year ago." "Oh! That was you!" Irene commented. "Yeah. And you are?" he then asked. "I'm Irene Sue. Sammy, Casey, and A--" she answered then looked at me. She's asking for my permission. I just smiled at her. "and Allen’s best friend. Best friend." she continued in a low voice. Well, what can I say? It still aches. It's been what? Two months? I guess the wound doesn’t heal at all.  "And I’m Cassandra Pineda! The prettiest and fairest of them all! Nice to meet you!" Casey said. Trying to break the ice surrounds us. "Hahaha! You are so funny Casey! Hahaha" Irene commented with a laugh. A fake one obviously. Justin just smiled like I did. "Let’s order? I’m hungry. And because you guys are late, you have to treat us." Casey suggested after a while. "Ah sure. What do you want?" Justin answered. "Ah no. I’ll treat them." I said trying to stop him. "No it's okay Janna. Today’s on me." "No Justin, let me." "Again, I insist Janna." He argued. "Sam, let Justin treat us, I want mocha frappe and mousse cake." I immediately look at Casey because of that. I even gave her a 'What-are-you-saying-are-you-crazy' look but she just winked at me. Ah.. this brat! I was about to speak when Justin say "Copied. How about you Irene?" I look at Irene this time. "Ah…" she said then look at me. I sighed then just shrugged. "Choco frappe and strawberry cake. Thank you."  "Okay. Janna?" Justin then looked at me. "You know Jus--" "Janna. I insist. Okay?" He said. "But--" "No buts." "Okay. Mango frappe and cheesecake." I said in defeat. "Okay. I'll be back girls." He said then proceed to the counter. "What the heck Casey? That was embarrassing." I immediately said the moment I made sure that Justin is far enough from us to hear us. "Chill Sam. What I did was okay. He’s just trying to befriend us so I grab the opportunity." she said then gave me a mischievous smile. "I don’t know anymore." I said then shook my head. We just continue chatting until Justin came with our food. ***** "I need to go. Thanks for this guys! Thanks to you also Justin." Irene bid.  "No problem." Justin answered. "Take care, Ren." I said then smile. Irene smiled back. "Ah, I can drive you home." -Justin "Ah.. good ide--" "Thank you but we have to refuse that, we already booked a cab, right Casey?” “We do?” Casey said with a confused look. “We did. We have to go. Bye!” Irene answered then pulled Casey away from us. "Shall we?" -Justin. I just nodded. The car filled with silence on our way back. He’s just focused on driving while I busied myself on looking at the car’s window. We stayed like that until we reached our home. "Thank you again Justin. I owe you this one. And I’d like to apologize for what Casey did." I said as I get off the car. "No, I actually enjoyed their company. Thank you also for letting me drive you home." "This is the first and last right?" I answered, still smiling. "Says who? This is just the beginning." He said but it was not loud enough for me to hear and understand. "Huh?" my forehead creases. "I said I better go ahead. Good night Janna! See you tomorrow!" "Okay. Good night." I bid before I go inside. *****
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