Regrets of Yesterday

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Samantha Villamayor is a certified NBSB.. but when she's in her last year in High school, she fell in love with Allen, her schoolmate. And just like others, she only gets hurt. As a quote said "Everything that falls gets broken" But she needs to go on.

When she's in college, she meets this guy who falls in love with her for the very first time they met. The guy even pursue her and became her boyfriend.

She thought that she already move on and forgotten Allen.

But when she saw him again.. she thought wrong because Samantha knows that it's still him.

But what would she do now? Will she let Allen in on her life again or will she just stay on Justin's side and let Allen be her REGRETS OF YESTERDAY?

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Chapter One
Sammy's POV They said that our life is like a book. It has chapters. And every chapter has a story and characters. And just like the chapters in books, it also has a beginning and of course ending. And as they also said, people who are on the closed or end chapter should stay on that said chapter. Meaning, those who left you behind will stay on that chapter alone. And you have to keep on going without them. Just like what I'm doing. Continue living for myself and not for others. I'm Janna Samantha Piamonte Villamayor. 16 years of age and currently taking Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management. By the way, it's our first day so I'm quite nervous. Woosh! As I enter our designated room, all of my new classmates, I think are looking at me. I just gave them a quick smile. "Miss, you can seat here." A guy who's quite taller than me said. "Oh yes. I want to be your friend, if it is okay with you?" a girl who's currently sitting on the desk suddenly joins the conversation. "Ahm.. ah.." I want to refuse but when I saw how the girl frowned... "Okay. I-" "Yes! Yes! Come here! Let’s be seatmate!" she cut me off then just dragged me by my arms. Great. "By the way, I'm Clarence Adrinne Montes, please call me Adri. And your Samantha Villamayor right?" she asked as we sat on the chair. I just nodded at her. "Gosh! You're from West Sapphire High! That’s my dream school!" she cheerfully said. I just smiled at her. She’s so hyper, I can’t keep up. "Can you lower down your voice? She looks uncomfortable." The guy who approached me a while ago said. "Hi, Samantha! I'm Justin Anthony Monteverde. You can call me Justin or you can call me your love." He said then winked at me. "Yuck! Just please, you’re making me cringe." Adri nagged to Justin then smiled at me. I don't get why they give me much attention. "You are starting again. Is that how you want to welcome Samantha?" The boy who's holding a book said. "Just started it!"   "Oh me? I was just saying that you are making Sammy uncomfortable." Justin argued. That name.. still giving me aches. "Please just call me Janna. I'll appreciate it." I said then smiled at him. "Huh? Sammy’s a nice name. But fine, Janna. Both of your names are pretty though." Justin said then the other two agrees. After a few minutes, our professor came then the orientation started. ***** "Okay. So from now on, you are our friend! Is it okay with you?”Adri said. "Gladly." I said then smiled. We're here at the cafeteria. They invited me to have lunch with them. "Yes! So, we have to introduce ourselves to each other for Janna to become familiar with us. Name, then at least two qualities. Okay? You first." Adri said pertaining to Justin. "Tss! Alright. Like what I’ve said I’m Justin Anthony Monteverde, ahm... I was our basketball team captain for two years in high school and well, I can sing." He proudly said then looked at me. "I’m Luke Andrei Buenavista, Luke for short. I can dance and play a guitar." he said and smile. "And yes, I’m Clarence Adrinne Montes. I can also dance, and I think I excel when it comes to art.” she cheerfully said and I can't help but smile. I guess she possesses a charm too. When I looked at them, they all looked at me too. Oh, it's my turn. "Ahm.. well, I'm Janna Samantha Villamayor and--" "You're the heiress of Piamonte Corp., a valedictorian, 4th-time math quiz bee champion in High school, you're also a belter, a dancer, you’re famous in west sapphire high, they named you 'Angel Face', Your siblings are Ayesha Sophia and Dane Andrew Villamayor!" Adri continuously said.. cut me off obviously. And woah! So she knew me well. "So you did a great job on researching huh?" I jokingly said. "Oh, I don’t do research! I know you because you are also quite famous in our school!" she responded immediately. "But, ahm.. can you guys don’t treat me like that? I want to be treated like you guys, like the other regular students here. Is that okay?" "Huh? But is that even possible?" - Justin "Please.." I plead. "Hmm. okay fine, we’ll try." This time, it is Luke who responded. I just smiled at him. After that, we just continue to eat until the bell rang. Time for our next subject so we rose to our feet and go to our designated room. ***** "Okay, so class dismiss. Nice meeting you all." our professor said before she walked towards the exit of our room. "Hey, Adri and I will go ahead. She still has some errands to do." Luke Approach us. "Okay.. take care. And thank you for letting me join your squad." I respond then smiled. "No biggie! At least I now have someone to have a girl-talk! Thank you, Janna! You’re really pretty! We have to go! Jus! Take care of Janna alright?" Adri instructed before they walk towards the main gate. That girl really. Justin only nodded. After a while, my phone beeps. From: Irene Sue Sam, we’re already here. We’ll wait for you. :) :) Oh shook! I almost forgot about it. "Ah, Justin... I have to go. Thank you din." I said as I grab my bag. "Janna! Let me drive you home." He offered. "Ah.. no. Thank you but you don’t have to. Our family driver will fetch me." I said refusing to his offer. "I insist. Please. Just this once." "Justin--" "Janna, just this once. I Promise." he said cut me off. I sighed. He's so persistent. Might as well let him. "Alright. Just give me a minute to call our driver." I said in defeat as I dialed Joel's number. He picked it up after 3 rings. "Ma'am Samantha.... I’m sorry I think I might fetch you a little later today. I am stuck o traffic." he apologetically said. "Ah no, it’s okay. You don’t have to fetch me today. I'll just text mom and dad. I’m with a friend." "That’s a relief then. I’m sorry again ma’am." he said before the line went off. "Let’s go?" Justin offered and I just nodded. I sighed. Ren and Casey will surely be surprise. *****

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