Missing Link

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Gabriella gasped as Blake began to f**k her harder. "Yes f**k! Right there!" Moaning as Xavier pushed the head of his c**k into her ass, Gabriella moaned into Blake's chest. Blake was laying down in their bed on his back with Gabriella straddling him, his c**k deep in her tight p***y. As she creamed for Blake, Xavier f****d her ass, grunting as the tight little hole clenched around him. "f**k, this little ass wants me to stuff it full of c*m doesn't it?" Gabriella screamed feeling her juices running down her thighs and Blake lifted her off his c**k. Shivering as Xavier kept f*****g her, she squirted again as he filled her ass with his c*m. Xavier jerked and panted, "Damn!" Pulling his c**k out, Xavier spread Gabriella's legs apart and smirked. "p***y's f*****g soaked and my c*m sliding out of your ass. Isn't that a lovely sight." Gabriella panted laying on the bed exhausted. Humming when Blake lifted she looked at him smiling at her sweetly, "We need to get ready for the day my love. I'm sorry, but no napping." Gabriella whined but when Blake gave her a stern look, she quickly shut up. Letting him carry her into the bathroom, and clean her up, Gabriella enjoyed being pampered by her love. As they both watched Gabriella soak in the large tub, Xavier smoked a cigarette and Blake got his caffeine fix from a can of red bull. "So how do you suggest we go about this?" Gabriella asked Xavier who looked at her. "You." Gabriella looked up at him and then at Xavier who blew the smoke out at her with a devilish smirk. Sighing heavily Gabriella whispered, "You want me to be the one to deceive her?" Blake looked at her annoyed, "Deceive? No of course not, you will be the one that puts her in our lives for us to seduce." Laughing Gabriella snapped, "That's me lying to her, under false pretense only to throw a huge ass boulder at her head." Blake was quite for a moment and then admitted, "It's painful and horrible to do to her. I understand your displeasure. But we all had a turn and lucky it'll be just us from now on. But we need a way to insert ourselves into her life. With you as her friend, it won't be suspicious for her to be speaking to me or to Xavier after. But you have to approach her." Gabriella didn't respond as she slipped lower in the steaming water. "Gabriella?" Raising her eyes to meet Blake's she whispered, "Yes?" Blake sighed, "Get it done, today preferably. She's already on the hook, you just have to reel her in." Xavier leaned down, his cigarette dangling from the side of his mouth as he observed her. Blowing out smoke, Xavier smirked at her, "Remember what I taught you, little girl. I'm so jealous you get to f**k her first." When they left out to get ready for the day, Gabriella sighed and looked into the sudsy water in thought... Albuquerque, New Mexico ten years... "Gabriella hurry the f**k up! You got people waiting!" Henri boomed at his daughter. The young female in the kitchen of the restaurant, while gorgeous, was sweaty, tired, and sleep deprived. And it showed in her every move. Gabriella hated working for her father. He didn't pay her, she was the only other employee because he wouldn't pay anyone to work in his restaurant with them. It was unnecessary with him just making her work for free. Throwing the dishes into the sink quickly, Gabriella rushed around the counter and went to the front. Walking to the only person still looking at a menu, Gabriella grabbed her pad and pen. "Do you know what you want?" She asked without looking at them. "Hi." Gabriella felt heat rush through her, her heart quickening, looked up at the voice speaking to her, and her breath caught. The smile the man in front of her increased and he greeted her with a sweet, "I'm sorry to startle you luv, I was just wondering who if I could get a beautiful girl to smile." Gabriella blushed innocently, she had been called pretty. Even cute, but never beautiful. Especially not by someone so handsome. He stood so tall with his broad shoulders, and bare arms flexing rippling muscles. His lightly tan skin glistening in the late afternoon sun. His German accent complimenting his husky voice so beautifully. He smiled wide, his white teeth sparkling as his dimple in his right cheek winked at her. "I'm Xavier." Still blushing like the school girl virgin she was, Gabriella whispered, "I'm Gabriella." Smirking he checked her out shamelessly, "So gorgeous and sweet. Like little doll. How old are you?" Gabriella could barely breathe as he looked at her body. It felt like he could see through her clothes. "17." A somewhat primal look darkened the british stranger's eyes and he grinned wolfishly, "Such a sweet, ripe, age." Gabriella could only stare at him wide brown eyes causing him to chuckle and ask, "What are you doing later?" "Gabriella! Hurry up you're going to make us late kid!" Gabriella sighed and climbed out of the cold water. "I'm always late." She mumbled as she dried her soft skin. When Gabriella got dressed she slid into the car with Xavier and sighed tiredly. Sliding her heart shape sunglasses on her face, she was unusually quiet on the drive. "You okay?" Nodding at his question Gabriella admitted, "Yeah just nervous." Xavier pulled over on the side of the rode. "I get it babe. I know you don't want to lie to her, and I know it feels like you're betraying her, but she'll forgive you. Now relax." Xavier pushed his hand down into her tights and Gabriella moaned as she tightened around his finger, "Oh shit." Xavier kissed her soft mouth and grinned as her p***y pulsed for him. "Hmm this little p***y stay hungry for more doesn't it?" Gabriella bucked her hips up and whined when he teased her by pulling them away when she tried to make him go harder. "Sorry luv, I just love that look of frustration you get on your face. That, pleading, horny look you get when you promise to do anything for me as long as I make you cum." Gabriella threw her head back as Xavier in one move had her tights down, and legs pushed to her chest. Looking at her glistening p***y he groaned, smelling her arousal. "Such a pretty pink pussy." Kissing her softly, he whispered, "Taste so sweet." Gabriella screamed as he suddenly began slamming two fingers inside of her until she squirted, "Ah!" Gabriella shuddered against Xavier holding his shirt as her c*m dripped from her p***y and down her thighs. "Damn you sexy b***h. You liked that?" Gabriella nodded panting and Xavier kissed her sweetly. "Good. Now...bring her to us." When Gabriella climbed out of the car ten minutes later she was feeling a lot better. Stepping out of the car she stood in a nike long sleeve halter top and black tights and black nikes. Grabbing her bag Xavier followed her into school and when they saw Rynn standing at her locker he looked down at her and smirked, "Just think, Gabriella, " leaning until he was in her ear, both looked at Rynn as he whispered, "You get to taste her first." Both smiled and Xavier slipped away as Gabriella bounced to Rynn. "Hey." Rynn looked at Gabriella and smiled, "Hi." Gabriella smiled and asked, "I'm heading to class now, and I was wondering if you wanted me to walk you?" Rynn knew the way, it'd only been the second day but the school was small and she caught on quick. But seeing Gabriella in a halter top, showing off her flat stomach had her hot. Her fat ass sitting up in tight jeans making Rynn want to smack it.Rynn swallowed when Gabriella bounced closer and her perfume wafted over her. Looking at Gabriella she whispered, "Sure." Gabriella linked their arms together with a sweet giggle and Rynn smiled as they walked to class.
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