Him, Her, and Another Him

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Rynn's day started off more f****d up then any other morning in history. She was woken up by her screaming mother saying the movers were here early and they were going to be late. So after the three of them watched mid thirty, beer belly, crack flashing white guys sit their crap down they all rushed to get ready.  Rynn then got another unpleasant surprise when she stepped into the shower expecting it to be warm. Instead she got an ice bucket challenge as the freezing water soaked her. When she stood in front her of her mother shaking, she simply got, "Oh the water won't be hot until tonight. The landlords coming to change the hot water tank. That ones faulty."   So basically after that she got dressed in jeans, a nice shirt, and a leather jacket. Grabbing her bag and a beanie for her wet, curly hair, Rynn stalked off to her car. Peyton followed behind her with a scowl of her own, wet hair, and sunglasses on her face.  Both got baked on the way to school, passing a joint, and stopped for energy drinks, and breakfast to make it through the day. When they got to school both sprayed each other down and then grabbed their stuff. The first person they met was Secretary Janice Cooper.  A plump lady who seemed tall in her stool but when she got down she shrunk to her 5'1 height.She had greeted the girls sweetly and given them their class schedules with a sweet, "Welcome to Iron Way High School girls, I'm here if you need anything." Both smiled politely and then left out to their classes. Both exchanged looks and then took off in seperate directions.  Both had been the new girls numerous times, they knew the drill of the looks and questions. Especially in IronWay where it didn't see newcomers were a regular thing. Rynn walked into her AP Russian History class late and when she approached the teacher he observed her and asked, "Rynn right?" Rynn nodded and the man smiled.  He was okay looking. He was painfully average though, with his ash blonde hair, green eyes, and dimples. He was fit, but still had pudge around the middle and was only a couple inches taller than her.  Mr. Bellos introduced her and told her to sit where ever. Rynn sat in the back and immediately popped her can of red bull open. She was grabbing her tablet and pen when someone walked in the class. Rynn glanced up quickly in disinterest but her attention was snagged seeing a beautiful latin goddess walking into the classroom.   Mr. Bellos sighed warily crossing his arms over his chest as the girl looked at him and giggled adorabily. "Aw come on don't be like that! I got you a donut." Mr. Bellos accepted the treat from her and told her to sit. Rynn watched the girl as she came down the aisle.  She was 5'8, with an coke bottle shape, and thick black curls going down her back. When Rynn got a good look at her face she admitted to herself that the girl wasn't just sexy. But really gorgeous with brown eyes, pink pout lips, and a button nose.  Rynn couldn't keep her eyes off her and like she knew eyes were on her, she lifted her head in turned to look dead at Rynn. Brown eyes widened when they met the dark blue eyes in the back and she suddenly raised her hand.  Mr. Bellos sighed and looked at her, "Yes Gabriella?" Gabriella giggled, "I love when you say my name with contempt, but on another subject...who is this?" Rynn blushed scarlett when Gabriella indicated her and Mr. Bellos smiled at her before scowling at Gabriella, "She's new, her name is Rynn. Leave her be, I don't need any of you rubbing off on her. You're enough to deal with."  Gabriella looked at Mr. Bellos and winked, "And you know it." Gabriella turned to look at Rynn now who was pretending to write in her notebook. But in reality she was looking through her eyelashes at Gabriella. She was confident, and fiesty, not to mention sassy and f*****g beautiful.  Rynn shamelessly gawked at Gabriella through out class and jumped when the bell rung. Nervously putting her stuff up, Rynn walked out quickly. She chalked her weird behavior up to sleep deprivation and went to her next class.  She was early so she sat in the back on her phone until the class filled in. What drew her attention was a voice. His voice to be more particular. It was British, sexy, and she felt goosebumps as the warm velvety texture of his voice caressed her.  "Good morning class, as some of you can tell we have a new student. Rynn Nicole" Rynn lifted her head and started to force a smile. The standard, off cast smile she gave to people that made them know immediate she didn't want to be bothered.   It was b***h slapped off her face when she locked eyes with brown eyes looking directly at her. "H-hi." She muttered causing him to smile.  The man before her was gorgeous, like Greek god level, gorgeous. He was tall 6'7 at least, with straight jet black hair, and enough muscle to fight a bull if he wanted. He wore his navy blue button down, a black tie, and even hotter his glasses hung on his shirt pocket.  Rynn gulped looking him over. As his button down stretched out over his muscles with every move. The top few undone to flex the white wife beater under it. It was all tucked in neatly to his black slacks and he made it all seem effortless.  Grinning a dazzling smile at her, the man walked closer, "Hello Rynn, don't worry darling you'll find nothing but friends in my class room. I'm Mr. Blake Ember, pleasure." Rynn grinned and said same, and then class started.  Still flushed in the cheeks, Rynn couldn't help but think, "He's f*****g hot."  Despite him being young, the students seemed to know who was in charge. They listened in rabid fascination as he talked about to kill the mockingbird. Rynn was then grateful she had already read the book and written a paper already or she'd been screwed.  She couldn't hear a damn thing he was saying. Instead her mind seemed to be focused on his lips, his sexy lips that seemed to taunt her as they smiled. When he licked them as a student talked to him and he listened with the same interest they had shown him. He sat back on his desk with his arms crossed. His entire body screamed relaxed, in control, and confident in his position.  Rynn stayed fixated on him until the bell rung snapping her out of the day dream of him licking her the same way he did his lips. Pink in the cheeks she eternally winced when he called out of her. Hanging back she looked up at him and whispered, "Sir?" Blake smirked down at the little female and asked playfully, "You seem a little flush luv, you okay?" Rynn nodded quickly and he smiled widely, "Well enjoy the rest of the day and if you need anything you can alway come see me."  'Well my mom threw my bullet away during the move...you can f**k me harder and make me c*m bigger than it ever did.'   Flushing realizing her thoughts, Rynn blushed and whispered, "Thanks, I should go though. Bye Mr. Ember." Blake winked at her and Rynn scurried off.  When she got to her locker, Rynn chastined herself, "You're acting like a thirsty hoe! First the girl, now him, what next humping the neighbors dog!" Shaking her head Rynn gasped suddenly when someone came and leaned on the locker next to hers. Seeing Gabriella with a guy, Rynn's jaw dropped. 'Oh come on!' She thought as the guy smiled at her nicely, "Hey, we have AP Russian together and I just wanted to properly introduce myself. I'm Gabriella Lopez and this is my boyfriend Xavier Meyer  ." Xavier smirked when she looked up at the tall man he smirked, "Hi." Rynn grinned, "Hi." Gabriella looked Rynn over finding her so appealing. Rynn was about the same height as her, she was slender around the middle but had a c cup breast and more than a handful of ass.  Smiling a little, Gabriella looked up when the bell rung, "Come and join us for lunch." Rynn didn't protest as Gabriella gently pulled her along.  Xavier looked down at her and thought back to when he spoke with Gabriella and Blake. "She's here?"  Blake smiled nodding, "Finally, our last mate has come to us." Gabriella looked at Blake excited and Xavier smirked, "So what do we do now?" Blake looked down at his mates, "She's only just got here, let's not smother her. Gabriella she'll be more comfortable talking with you, so you can try and start getting close to her." Gabriella nodded and smiled when Blake kissed her lovingly.  Blake came and stood in front of Xavier. Looking him over he whispered, "You okay luv?" Xavier slowly nodded but in reality he was worried. What if their new mate couldn't be persuaded? What if by some miracle her life was perfect and she didn't need them?  Seeing the stress on his lovers face, Blake kissed Xavier gently and whispered, "Don't worry my love. She will want us, we all want each other like air and food. She'll come to us willingly, it's already begun.'  Xavier looked over as Gabriella and Rynn talked excitedly and whispered, "So it has."  When school finally let out, Rynn went to her car and found Peyton waiting. As they headed home Peyton asked her how her day was. 'Well I instantly crushing on three people. A girl, a boy, and a man. One's a teacher and the other two people are together! You?'  Rynn didn't know why she felt the way she did. But for some reason, those three were all she could think of. And to be honest, she'd rather keep it to herself, so she replied blandly with the expected answer.  "It was fine." 
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