Chapter 2 - Had he become gay?

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“What the hell are you talking about? I wasn’t shot in my p***s,” he shouted. The man was James Parker, the first heir to his family fortune. Although he had been in elite education since a child and had always been taught to conceal his real emotions, James couldn’t help cursing as he spoke with this young physician. He put his hand to his forehead and took a deep breath to calm himself down. James couldn’t hurt this doctor. After all, he was the last doctor specializing in men’s health that James hadn’t visited. Tony had promised him that although Charles Green was young, he was born into a family of traditional Chinese physicians who all specialized in men’s health. Tony listed numerous examples of how Charles had helped his patients to recover from impotence. It was said that his clinic was full of thank-you presents from his past patients. If Charles had not been praised for his talent, why would James have ordered his men to kidnap such a young doctor? “I don’t care where you got shot! Just don’t kill me, please!” Bella shouted and covered her head. She was hoping that if she pleaded with him, he might let her live. Bella was only 21 years old and had always been well-behaved. The most thrilling thing she had ever encountered was a policeman arresting a thief on a bus. And now this man was shooting a gun in front of her! “Shut up! Or I will shoot you.” James said with a cold voice. His patience was fast running out. Bella immediately closed her mouth and looked at him with teary eyes. James could tell that this doctor was a coward and said: “I was shot in my lower abdomen.” “Then why can’t you get erect? Did somewhere else also get hurt? Or perhaps the problem is in your head?” Bella questioned. As a medical student, she was curious about his condition. Hearing what she said, James thought that maybe this doctor was capable of healing him. He replied: “Those doctors and psychologists I visited before all told me that they couldn’t find the cause and persuaded me to turn to traditional Chinese physicians. Tell me, can you heal me?” “Of course, I can!” Bella answered without hesitation. In reality, she was very nervous, sweating and shivering. James was holding a pistol! How dare she say no? “What is your treatment plan?” James squinted his eyes and gazed at Bella. Clearing her throat, Bella used her brother’s usual tone and said: “I have to feel your pulse first.” Hearing that, James reached out his hand, rolled up his white shirtsleeve, and put his strong, tanned wrist before Bella. Bella placed two fingers on his wrist and began to feel his pulse. She pretended to ponder his symptoms, with slight head shaking and sighing. James gazed at her and asked: “You should have used a cushion, shouldn’t you?” “Uh...I was brought by your people in a rush, so I wasn’t well-prepared. Moreover, feeling the pulse without cushion is my family’s expertise,” Bella replied immediately in a professional tone. Standing quietly, James clapped his hands, and the door opened at once. The young, mixed-race man came in. “Boss, what can I do for you?” “Our traditional Chinese physician forgot to bring his equipment,” James replied. “We have prepared that,” the young man said with a large, eye-catching smile. A traditional Chinese medical kit was put on the table. Bella stared at it. In the kit were various medical instruments, a cushion, a lancet and so on. Although she knew what these instruments were, she had no idea how to use them. In order to convince James that she was a traditional Chinese physician, Bella picked up a set of needles used for acupuncture. “Well, let’s begin with acupuncture,” Bella said, touching her nose. She considered that acupuncture was the least harmful treatment she could offer that would still look professional. The man was strong and muscular, maybe acupuncture treatment wouldn’t hurt him. Bella went to wash her hands and paid no attention to the sound behind her. When she turned back, she was so shocked that she almost threw the needle away. “God! Why are you taking off your pants?” she shouted. James was undoing his zipper. With his well-made suit trousers half off, his tanned abdominal muscles and the lurking V line came out clearly. “Are you an exhibitionist?” Bella said. She immediately put up her hands to cover her eyes and squinted at his eight-pack through her fingers. His abdominal muscles were the perfect type that all women dream to touch. There was a scar on his stomach that looked like it had been made by a bullet. “Aren’t you going to insert your needle here?” James asked, pointing at his p***s. He had been visiting physicians specialising in men’s health and all those doctors had ordered him to remove his trousers first. So, he had simply started taking off his trousers automatically before the doctor. “You can still wear your underwear,” Bella answered shyly. She honestly had no idea where the needle should be inserted. Since he was wounded in his abdomen, how about inserting it there? James despised Bella’s reaction. He took off his trousers and sat on the sofa with his underwear on, waiting for Bella’s acupuncture treatment. He uttered: “You are so girlish. You have been a physician specializing in men’s health for years, haven’t you seen any of your patients taking off their trousers?” “I am frightened that some ugly thing might make me go blind,” Bella thought. Squinting her eyes, she walked toward James with a needle in her hand. Bella turned her head away and held the needle on James’ abdomen to find the right place to insert it. Seeing her behaviour, James was suspicious and asked: “How can you find the right place if you aren’t even looking?” “Acupuncture is my area of expertise. You know nothing about it.” Bella replied. She waved her hand randomly and inserted the needle. “Ow...” James moaned. He didn’t know at which acupuncture point it was inserted. He started to feel rather numb and limp. “Do you feel the pain? Pain is a good sign. It shows that you are suffering from blood stasis. I will cure you,” Bella made up this symptom. She took out the needle and then inserted it into him again. “Hey!” James yelled. The shiny silver needle was headed for his p***s. How could a man bear that? James jumped and sat up on the sofa. He grasped Bella’s wrist firmly. “What are you doing?” Bella shrieked. As James pulled at her arm she couldn’t keep her feet and fell on James. To avoid whole-body contact, Bella reached out her hands to support herself on James’ body. But she forgot she was squatting beside his legs and her hands were pressing down around James’ groin! What was that soft thing under her hand? It seemed alive and swelled to a hot and tough thing under her hand at once. Both Bella and James fell into an awkward silence. As they both watched, James’ black underwear lifted like a small tent. That thing was becoming erect! There was a deadly silence. Bella swallowed her saliva and dared not make any reaction. She took back her hands and managed to smile at James: “Congratulations! You’re erect...” James was motionless. He was shocked. James Parker, in his life, had had uncountable girlfriends and s*x partners. It was unfortunate to be shot in an ambush and become impotent, but it was unbearable that he would get hard because of a man. And that man was the same physician who had cured his unmentionable disease. Had he become gay? Or was his p***s malfunctioning after the treatment? James could not accept the fact that he got hard before the young doctor. Instead, he started getting angry and yelling. He roared: “Charles Green, I’m going to chop off your hands!”
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