Touch Me, Honey


"Who are you? What do you want?" Bella shouted at the handsome yet strange man in front of her.

"Let's do it." He uttered in a deep voice and took off his trousers.

"Oh my gosh! Are you crazy?!" Bella screamed as she saw the huge manhood right in front of her face.

"You are the only one that can make me get hard. Cure me and you can get whatever you want." The young CEO said while gazing intensively at Bella.


Bella had a twin brother who was an expert in men's health. Because of that, she was mistakenly kidnapped and forced to become the powerful CEO, James Parker's personal physician!

Bella thought she would escape from that dominant man when the treatment finished. However, he stopped her from running away and claimed she was the only one who could make him get hard.

How could that be possible?

Since then, Bella got stuck with James.

What should she do?

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Chapter 1 - Be Kidnapped by Some Freak
“What do you want? Where am I? Let me go!” Bella Green shouted. With a black sack draped over her head, she could not see anything, though she could hear some rapid footsteps coming towards her. Seized by two muscular arms, Bella was carried into a room. “Boss, she’s here,” a man said. Judging from his voice, Bella could tell he was quite a young man. Though before she had time to think further, she was thrown roughly to the floor. Fortunately, the floor was covered with a thick wool carpet so Bella didn’t feel much pain. She struggled and managed to get the sack off her head. Her eyes squinted at the bright light but she could still see the man in front of her. It seemed that she was in a well-decorated room. A young man was sitting on the sofa before her. The man was casually dressed in a white shirt with the collar fastened and a pair of dull grey trousers, he looked no more than 25 years old. His eyes were incredibly bright and sharp. Bella was amazed by his gorgeous face. “So, you’re the one I’m looking for?” he uttered with a deep and sexy voice. He stood up slowly and stopped before Bella. Seeing that Bella was sitting on the floor, not moving, he ran out of patience and unfastened his belt. “Let’s do it.” How would you feel if a totally unfamiliar man, who also happened to be the most handsome man you had ever met, was stood right in front of you and took off his trousers? Without expression, the man ordered: “Look at me!” “Oh, my God!” Bella screamed and firmly covered her eyes. Jesus! I’m going to go blind! What was going on? Was she being kidnapped by a wicked gang? Despite her fear, Bella had noticed that the man’s abdominal muscles were undeniably perfect. Thinking of his beautiful body, she opened her eyes again. But now, the man was leaning towards her, holding his huge p***s right in front of Bella’s face! “Oh, my gosh! Are you crazy?!” Bella screamed again. “Be quiet! You’re so noisy. Look at it carefully!” the man said, whilst bending over to grab Bella’s short hair. “What the f**k! I’m not going to look at your p***s! You are disgusting!” Bella shouted and struggled to get off the man. “f**k! Being a doctor who specializes in men’s s****l health, what else do you want to look at?” the man shouted. Hearing this, Bella stopped screaming and asked confusedly: “What do you mean?” The man gazed down at her, with confusion and annoyance in his eyes. “Aren’t you Charles Green, the best men’s health doctor in Florida?” The man put on his trousers and calmed down. He turned around, sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and asked again: “Aren’t you Charles Green?” “Yes, I am!” Bella answered. Finally, she understood what was happening. He had mistaken her for her twin brother, Charles Green! It had all started half an hour before… Bella had had no classes that morning so her brother Charles sent her a message to ask her to look after his clinic. Actually, his clinic couldn’t really be called a clinic. After all, it was just a small house set in a lane with a hand-written sign hanging on the door. On Monday morning, very few people usually visited the clinic. As Bella was dozing off on the counter, a group of people suddenly broke in. The man coming in first was a handsome mixed-race man whose brown curls were tied up behind his head. Seeing his face, Bella was totally dumbstruck. However, this handsome man didn’t say anything to Bella. Instead, he waved his hand to order several strong men behind him to grab Bella. And that is how Bella had come to be in her current situation, looking at this gorgeous, attention-seeking man, showing her his p***s. Bella came from a family of traditional physicians. Her older brother specialized in men’s health and was known as a professor in curing unmentionable health problems like infertility, premature ejaculation and impotence. As Charles’ twin sister, she looked exactly the same as her older brother, though Charles was taller than her. It was possible that this man’s staff had kidnapped her by mistake, having only seen her brother’s photo. Thinking of her brother’s career, Bella felt sorry for this man. “Alas,” Bella sighed. This tall, handsome, muscular man was impotent. He seemed to know what Bella was thinking and he said with a cold voice: “If you heal me, the money is yours.” And then he threw a suitcase towards Bella. The suitcase was not locked and opened on the floor, cash spilling out everywhere. Bella was amazed by what she saw. Shocked by the tremendous amount of money, she was unable to speak. After a while, she uttered: “Is all this money for me?” “Heal me, the money is yours. If you cannot heal me or let anyone else know about it...” the man didn’t finish what he was saying and instead smiled lightly. But his eyes were as cold as sharp knives, and she could tell that if she failed he would kill her! Realizing his threats, Bella could not help shaking. Although she knew nothing about this man, she could tell that this was not a joke. If she told him that she was not her twin brother, Charles, would he let her go? “Do you agree?” the man said and lifted his chin. It appeared that he was negotiating with Bella, but there was no sense of compromise in his fierce eyes, only menace. “If you agree with what I have said, begin your job right now.” “Alright, alright,” Bella answered with a quivering voice. She was extremely frightened and on the verge of tears, but one glance at the cash on the floor and she just couldn’t say no. How about pretending to be her brother this time and then going home to tell her brother to cure him next time? Wondering how to get out of this trouble, Bella tried to imitate her brother and said: “If you want to be cured, you must first tell me what is wrong with you.” The man fell into silence. His face conveyed a sense of great embarrassment and frustration, and then he slowly said: “Impotence.” Bella almost burst out laughing. But once she met with the man’s sharp eyes, she pinched her thigh and tried to act as a professional doctor. She asked: “What happened?” “I was shot,” the man answered. “I cannot cure you if you were shot in the p***s! Goodbye!” Bella turned around and walked toward the door. Are you kidding me? His p***s had been shot! The only way to cure it is killing him and making him born again. Boom! Hearing the sound of a gun, Bella was shocked and stood still, looking straight at the smoking bullet hole on the door handle. A real gun? She turned back slowly and looked at the man who was holding a silver-grey pistol and blowing at it. He said: “Move again and I will not miss the target.” Bella knelt down and cried: “I will cure you. Even though your p***s was blown off, I will still cure you. Please do not kill me!”

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