Rejecting A Wolf


~It's tagged tragedy for a reason?It's a dark story. You have been warned~

Aurora had everything taken away from her in one day. Her best friend, her mate, her wolf were gone in the matter of hours. And her bright future and life were in shambles.

Her best friend committed a taboo with her mate, a taboo that couldn't be undone. A betrayal that cut so deep it severed the ties of every relationship she had ever had.

With no other choice and the pack's future depended on the decisions of the leaders, Aurora was rejected.

And when rejecting a wolf, you're not only rejecting the person. You're rejecting everything about them, their very beings.

It was the biggest taboo there was. If it were ever to be discovered by the council, everyone involved would be put into tremendous danger.

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-Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay-

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Coming of Age
Their legs tangled with each other's, and the sheets barely covered their naked forms. The girl lay there on top of the crook of his arm and on his chest, she was drawing circles with her slender fingers. "In two and half months, we'll openly be together." The boy whispered and pulled the girl to his chest, making her giggle in delight. "What if I'm not your mate?" The girl playfully swatted at his chest, making him burst out in deep rumbling laughter. "Impossible, this pull, this connection I feel with you, I can tell you're my mate." He kissed the top of her head lovingly after saying that. "You can't deny the fact that we could only have a connection due to other factors." The girl sat up and told him sternly. The sheets covering her naked form from view pooled in her lap, giving the boy a full view of her perky breast. "Doesn't matter, Maya, I'll reject my true mate if I have to." the boy reached out and pulled the girl down to lay beside him again. "That's taboo. How can you say you'll even reject your mate? Idiot." Maya mumbled sulkily before flipping herself on top of the boy, her legs straddling him and the sheets tugged downwards, exposing his everything. "Then you want assurance?" The boy asked, and Maya nodded. "Let's do it again, but this time, let me put a baby in you." "You're crazy, Alaric Lynx!" Maya gasped in shock and tried to get off Alaric. However, he sat up quickly and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Let me go, you f*****g idiot." Maya struggled against his grip, but his being the next heir to the pack was no joke. He was far stronger than she could ever be. "Just listen." Alaric rested his face on her naked chest as she tried to use her hands to push them apart. "To hell with you and your crazy plan, Alaric. Do you know how crazy that is? Even if we weren't mates, that thought alone could be so dangerous. It won't just be about rejection. It'll be a scandal to end all scandals". Maya was furious. How could she not be? Though she loved Alaric, it wasn't to the point of stupidity. The possibility of them being mates was fifty/fifty. That alone should have stopped their relationship in its tracks until they were sure of being mates. Yet here they were, in bed together, naked. Among their people, loss of virtue to someone other than their mate is heavily frowned upon. So imagine the reaction to a pregnancy of two wolves not mated to each other. It would be a shitshow waiting to happen. "I love you, Maya," Alaric mumbled suddenly, and Maya's struggling paused. "So listen to me, Maya. Please!" Maya could help but soften at his words. He was begging her to listen. This prideful alpha heir was begging her to listen. Her originally tense body relaxed, and this made Alaric let out a sigh of relief. "I believe we are mates, I just know it. So please, let's do it. Take a leap of faith with me, Maya." Alaric said before kissing the middle of her chest. "Okay," Maya's struggle faded away as if it was never there. Her body relaxed even more and as Alaric got the answer he wanted, his hot mouth entrapped her deep pink n****e in it. The two entangled with each other once again, but this time they would create the source of their troubles together. Soon they parted ways, and before they knew it, two and a half months passed. It was Maya's coming of age, her birthday, and also the start of school. It was the day everything went to s**t. Aurora sat up, and with the constant nagging of her wolf, she reluctantly got out of bed to get ready for the day. The first day of senior high and also the day she could find her mate. She was so giddy from excitement, she barely slept a wink. She spent the summer in her uncle's pack, hoping to find her mate. Her birthday was spent there due to this fact. Her parents had hoped her mate was from that pack, but he wasn't. Her dad said there was a possibility her mate was from their Lunar Pack, which was great in Aurora's opinion. She didn't have to uproot her life that she had always known to go to some other pack and live. Not that living in another pack was a problem. She just wanted to be closer to her family. So the sheer excitement of her dreaming about her house, kids and mate kept her up until the wee hours of the morning. Looking in the mirror, her under eyes were slightly darkened. 'f**k, this is your fault, Ren.' Aurora's mind is linked to her wolf. 'My fault? No, your fault.' Ren snickered back in the link, making Aurora roll her eyes in annoyance. 'If you weren't showing me your puppy porn, I would be well rested.' Aurora grumbled. 'Puppy porn? That sounds disgusting.' Aurora could feel the contempt of her wolf through their link. 'You're a disturbed woman.' 'Well, what else would you call it? You were projecting the images of having our mate f**k us in wolf form.' Aurora pointed out, 'Basically puppy porn.' 'It's not puppy porn, it's the best way to get pups.' Ren snarled, enraged, before cutting off their link, making Aurora shake her head and chuckle. She was only teasing and yet Ren got so angry with her. Aurora shook any stray thoughts away and began to get ready for the day. She had already planned her outfit with her mother and sister-in-law yesterday. Her mom always said first impressions always mattered. After a steamy shower, Aurora dried her skin and let her hair go. Sighing, she braced herself and untangled her curly mane of hair to get it ready for styling. Soon after, she had her hair in a bun with a few curly pieces to frame her face. Satisfied with her hair, Aurora exited the bathroom and made her way back into her bedroom to put on her clothes. She slipped on her underwear before pulling up a peach-colored long skirt with a long slit at the side exposing her slender camel-colored legs. She matched it with a cute white tube top and matched the peach skirt with a peach jacket. Aurora glanced in the mirror and did a little quirky twirl before laughing to herself and slipping on some white flats to tie the look together. Aurora once more checked herself in the mirror and then pursed her lips in thought. She then picked up a peach color lip tint and put on a bit. She was completely satisfied now. 'I'm outside Rory!' Maya's voice sounded in Aurora's head through their private link. Aurora glanced at the clock and cursed before shoving some books into her bag and rushing down the stairs. "Rory, breakfast!" Her mom, Renee, shouted as Aurora zoomed past her. "Can't mom, I'm late," Aurora said to her mom quickly as she rushed to the front door. "Well, at least take your lunch." Renee grumpily complained and Aurora who was halfway out the door stopped and turned back rushing into the kitchen to get her lunch and bumped into Aiden. "Ow! Hey, watch it! You stepped on my toe with your big hooves." Aiden teased Aurora. "Oh yeah, well, you're stupid looking." Aurora retorted lamely, causing Aiden to double over laughing. "Mom! Aiden's bullying me again." Aurora bellowed out as she grabbed her lunch and dashed for the door again, only to bump head-first into her half-naked father. Before she could fall, her father wrapped his arm around her waist, stopping her fall. Anderson chuckled nervously as his daughter glared at him. He quickly let her go and moved to the side. Renee, who was standing there, shook her head in amusement before pulling Anderson outside to see Aurora off. Aurora waved them goodbye excitedly before opening the door and getting into the car with Maya. The two then watched the girls as they disappeared into the tree lines. "Mom," Aiden called out to his mother, who stood there gripping hard at Anderson's hand. "Maya, she smelt..." "Pregnant." Anderson finished the sentence. Aiden then nodded as he nervously rubbed the back of his neck. It was so potent that it made him come outside. "She smelt like Alaric. Mom, Dad what if..." Aiden once again trailed off, leaving his parents to come up with their own conclusion. "No, that would not happen," Renee spoke after a long silence between the three. "How long have we known Maya? She's a responsible girl." "I'd believe you, mom. If it weren't for the simple fact that today is her birthday." Aiden muttered. Anderson, who stood silently all this time, turned to Aiden and glared at him. "Enough, Aiden! There are instances where mates find each other before their coming of age." Anderson said firmly, it was to reassure his mate and to ease his son's mind. "I know you're worried about your sister, but everything is going to be okay. Her mate might not be in our pack." Aiden wanted to add more, but the glare his father was giving him made him swallow any other words of doubt he was having. Anderson looked away from his son and pulled Renee closer and kissed her forehead. 'Don't worry.' he muttered through their private link, burying the fact his back was drenched in a cold sweat. 'It's fine.' he reassured himself. 'If anything is to happen, at top speed in wolf form. I'll make it to the school in fifteen, maybe ten minutes.'

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