Chapter 2

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CHAPTER 2 2.My Fiance "Right this way miss,just wait here let us inform Mr.Ben of your visit and he would be right with you."one of the maids said escorting us to the waiting room.My eyes scanned my surroundings with interest.A picture of a country setting was sprawled on the wall.Across from me was a huge wooden designer table holding a mug with champagne glasses placed neatly around it. Next to me laid a square glass table that held magazines  in a well organized pile,one of them caught my eyes,what exactly was my father doing with a Victoria's Secret Model Magazine? My eyes wandered to the flat screen that hung in a corner displaying the history channel. I stole a glance at my mother next to me as she fidgeted nervously with the polish on her nails as we heard footsteps nearing us.She was in obvious distress. "Marianne." My mother immediately froze and I followed her gaze to see the man I had anxiously waited for ten years to father. It had to be him ,I studied him closely only to realize miserably that I did resemble him after all. His eyes shifted to mine and they widened,in what looked like surprise? Was it good surprise or bad surprise?Should I even care? "Leah?"my dad asked as if to confirm whether or not  it was me. I was an emotional mess on my seat but  at least managed to nod my head. "You've grown into such a fine young lady,look how beautiful you are,you may not know who I am but I'm .." "Dad..."I finished for him, I  didn't know what made me say that,maybe it was all the yearning to have someone to call dad in all these years and all the pressure building up on finally seeing him. His eyes widened yet again and a small smile played at his lips.I studied him more closely,he was actually dashing when he smiled.I could see why mother still hadn't gotten over him. "I never thought I'd hear those words again,you've made me very happy with that one word."he confessed. "Why are you back Ben?"I heard my mom ask bringing everyone in the room back to what was really important at the moment. His eyes shifted back to my mother and I could somehow tell that he still cared but did he still love her?Was there a chance of them getting back together? " I'm getting married." Wait what?Well that just squashed my plans of them getting back together.He was getting married?That's what all this was about. I felt sick to my stomach,I could just imagine how my mom was feeling,she looked like she had just been slapped in the face. "Why did you come back all this way to tell us this!To hurt us some more?"she demanded angrily. "I can't marry until our divorce is final,we haven't signed the divorce papers as yet."he answered her question softly,he seemed hurt to tell us but for all I knew this could be some pretense to gain our sympathy  . I was more concerned about my mom,she didn't look too well, then again who wouldn't feel sick after hearing this news? That was the reason my dad returned!not even to see me,his daughter. As if reading my thoughts he quickly added."I also came back for Leah,I want her to come live with me,she would attend a new school if she wants or could start work in my company.I would make sure she is successful in life." He wanted me to leave my old life?My friends?My mom....I couldn't leave my mom. "Marianne I want you to come too.I know Leah wouldn't go without you."he continued. " You want me to live in the same house with you and your newly wed!No thanks!"my mother hissed. "Please listen to me Marianne I don't want to have to take drastic measures.Please cooperate with me." "Drastic measures?You mean you would take Leah from me after I took care of her for ten years without you!"she shouted,this was the first time I ever saw her this angry.She was usually the soft spoken sweet kind of mom. "I don't want to have to do that but I would if you don't listen to me,this is also Leah's decision,you should ask her what she wants."My dad replied calmly. "Give us some time alone,please"my mom pleaded, looking completely defeated. I watched as my dad silently turned and left.What exactly was happening?This wasn't how I always dreamt  this day would go,it was more of a nightmare than a dream. " Mom."I whispered running to her side. "Leah sweetie,are you okay with leaving?"she asked sadly. "I don't care mom,once you're with me I'm okay..but I'm not going anywhere without you." "We're going to have to go with your father then,no one knows him as well as I do and if this is what he wants he is going to do everything in his power to get it.I wish I could stop it Leah.I feel like such a failure as a mother"she cried , unshed tears brimming brightly  in her eyes. "Mom please don't cry.If you cry I'll cry,everything is going to be okay.I don't mind going ,I'm fine, it’s you I'm worried about."I assured her. I felt my mom's  arms wrap around me protectively as we heard footsteps once more .I looked back to see my father and some lady,she was a beautiful blonde, a slim figure with a pretty face and was probably in her late thirties. " This is Bridgette,my fiance .Bridgette this is my daughter and her mother."Ben said introducing us. How disgusting! I no longer felt like calling him dad,he was going to be Ben to me from now on,if he really cared for me he wouldn't have hurt my mom like that. I just wanted to leave this place .I suddenly wished  I had never met my father, we were doing just fine without him .He just made things worse for my mom and I. "We would be leaving by tomorrow, you don't have to worry about clothing. Bridgette has already taken care of everything." Ben explained. "I can't leave tomorrow.I have to say good bye to Lily,my best friend!"I exclaimed. We had already agreed to going with him,he didn't just expect us to drop everything for him and forget our old life! "We've already booked your flights for tomorrow Leah."my dad said firmly. Wow.He was already being a pain,who was him to order me around? "I can't go tomorrow." I pressed with narrowed eyes. I saw Bridgette whisper something in his ear and he nodded in agreement. "Okay,if you insist.We'll send Jace over to pick you up ."He suggested. "Who's Jace ,your butler?"I asked curiously. My father chuckled at that as Bridgette's eyes widened. "He's my son."she replied smoothly. She had a son! This just kept on getting better and better.
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