My Soon To Be Step-Brother

opposites attract

When Leah Rose was just seven years old, her father walked out on her mother with a simple goodbye and no explanations for his actions.

Ten years later and he was back ,to her dismay he brought along his fiancée ,who happened to have a young son.

Despite everything Leah can't help but fall for his good looks and charms ,he was simply an expert on charming girls, but he was going to be her step brother and their relationship was f*******n.

Jace Patterson was one of the most richest and sexiest guy alive.The type of guy that girls tripped over their own feet when they saw him.No girl could resist him,he changed his girlfriends like he changed his clothes.He only ever had one love but she betrayed him.

Something changed when he met Leah Rose,he couldn't help but fall for her innocence and sweetness but unlikeall the other girls he met,his charm didn't have an effect on her....or so he thought.

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Chapter one
MY SOON TO BE STEPBROTHER (Stand Alone Novel) CHAPTER 1 ©Copyright All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced,scanned or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission from the author. All characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names.All incidents are pure invention.  Books in order of the series: 1: My Soon To Be Stepbrother   2: Falling For The FBI Agent   3:Falling For My Cousin's Fiance   4)Seducing The Forbidden Bodyguard (Working on)    My Soon To Be Stepbrother--Patterson's Book 1. ********************CHAPTER ONE***************** The sound of birds chirping outside my bedroom window woke me from an uneasy sleep. Excitement,anxiety,fear and joy had all battled for my attention throughout the night and invaded what supposed to be my peaceful sleep. I was out of the bed in seconds,taking a deep breath I opened the window and inhaled sharply.The familiar scent of fragrant red roses never failed to brighten my morning. Above the honking taxis and swarms of pedestrians walking the streets frantically about their business laid the sky moving in slow motion.The sky,as brilliantly blue as any other day never failed to amaze me,forever filled with mysteries and away from everything that lay beneath it. The bright sun gleamed brightly causing my eyes to suddenly squint,forcing me to look back down,drawing my mind back to reality. After rushing through my bath,I quickly wiggled into my jeans and put on a white vest topping it off with a denim jacket. I took a seat on the chair next to my dressing table and stared at my pale reflection on the mirror.In a matter of an hour or two I would be meeting my father for the first time in ten years. My face was heart-shaped,somewhat similar to my mother's,lips too full for my liking,eyes a deep shade of blue that sparkled with interest and a special glow today unlike many other days in my life.My long needle straight chestnut hair almost reached my waist.I combed it through impatiently before finally giving up and placing it in messy bun. "Leah,hurry up we're going to be late." my mom called from the kitchen. "Coming mom." I shouted back,grabbing my phone from the cabinet and taking one last look at the mirror. It was an important day for both my mom and I.Neither of us knew what was the reason behind my father's sudden visit. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I felt joy at being able to see my father again after all these years, however the feeling was bittersweet,as it was mixed with a fury for him after leaving us all alone ,I was but only seven years old when he had left.I couldn't recall much of that day and was thankful for that. What my father did do was send a good sum of money every month for us,we weren't rich but we did have enough money to live a decent life. He would call once a year to determine whether we were okay.Despite all the hate I felt towards him,it was difficult to ignore the happiness I felt whenever he did call .Even though my mother pretended not to care I knew she did,she would wait anxiously for his call every single year,just like I did. This year however, Ben,my dad had broken his record,he called at least five times every month to check on us and we were already in May. Yesterday's call however came as a shock to both of us,he was returning for a quick visit and wanted to meet with us urgently. I reviewed all the possibilities for him returning in my head but none seemed to explain why he would want to meet with us .The huge question on my mind was why he asked for us to bring along packed clothes,we were only staying for a day.It simply didn't make any sense. After zipping up my already packed suitcase I quickly ran down the stairs,careful not to trip on my own feet.I walked over to my mother who stood staring out the window in the kitchen,deep in thought. "You ready mom?"I asked anxiously taking a bite out of the pancakes prepared on the table. "Yes sweetie,how about you go in the car and I'll meet you there in a minute."she replied smiling nervously. She seemed to be more nervous than I was which would be expected. Meeting your husband after ten years,wondering how you looked,what he would think of you.Sigh,I hope things went smoothly without anyone getting emotionally hurt. I didn't think looks should be a problem for my mother though,she was extremely beautiful and it’s amazing how she managed to stay in good shape after all these years.She had beautiful wavy black hair ,falling loosely around her shoulders and bright green eyes that sparkled in the sunlight. After a few minutes my mother finally came out of the house,looking more confident than before. She got into the car and started the engine before reversing out of the garage. We were both quiet on our way,that is until I was sure we were lost,it looked like we were going in circles in some rich neighbourhood. "Mom,are you sure we aren't lost?"I asked ,my eyes roaming the streets for some clue to confirm my suspicion that we were going in circles. "I know where we are going Leah,these are the instructions given by your father,just help look for house number 38 with a huge garden to the front!"my mother exclaimed,obviously becoming annoyed with my impatience. "All these houses have huge gardens to the front."I pointed out. Maybe harassing my mother when she was this nervous wasn't such a good idea as she turned to glare at me.I kept my mouth shut again for the entire ride until I saw the house number we were searching for. " Mom look!" My jaw dropped,surely this wasn't the house,it simply wasn't possible. First of all it wasn't a house,it was more like a palace or a castle or mansion.It put the word beautiful to shame. "Wow."was all that could escape my mouth as my mother pulled into the entrance gate. "Good morning madam,can I have a name please."One of the guards asked politely. "Marianne Rose."my mom replied nervously. "You may go right ahead,parking is available further up and someone would escort you inside,have a pleasant day!" Did my father become a billionaire in ten years? "Mom are you seeing this!"I exclaimed. "Yes,I'm in shock myself,now we're not sure of why your father wants to see us all of a sudden but don't get your hopes up okay."she warned before reversing the car into the parking lot. We were about to find out the reason for my father's sudden visit.

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