Falling For The FBI Agent


Meet Rosella Patterson, the eighteen year old daughter of the rich businessman Jace Patterson.

She has everything: great parents,friends,good looks,money.

Now meet John Miller.He was the best FBI agent around at only twenty one, known for his bravery and skills in fighting.After the murder of his parents when he was young he pledged never to fall in love as it was just a weakness to him.

Being her father's little girl, Rosella has always gotten what she wanted but after one terrible night and being saved by the heartless FBI agent, things changes.

As she realizes that falling in love with an FBI agent isn't as easy as it may seem.

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Chapter one
Falling For The FBI Agent (Stand Alone Novel) CHAPTER 1 © Copyright All Rights Reserved All characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names.All incidents are pure invention. No part of this book may be reproduced,scanned,or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission. A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR CHOOSING TO READ THIS BOOK.IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. Two souls with but a single thought,two hearts that beat as one. --John keats BOOKS IN ORDER OF THE SERIES: 1:My Soon To Be Stepbrother 2:Falling For The FBI Agent 3:Falling For My Cousin's Fiance 4 :Seducing The Forbidden Bodyguard (Working On)      LaurG. FALLING FOR THE FBI AGENT(The Patterson's Book 2)(Stand alone novel) **********Chapter One ****************** Drifting the curtains apart,I slowly made my way out into the balcony.Taking a deep breath I reveled for a moment in the sweet air, fragrant with breathtaking beautiful pink peonies mixed with the spicy scent from the bright yellow yarrows that sparked a beautiful image in the gardens. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to get lost in the moment,this happened to be my favourite part of the day,where I could forget or at least pretend to forget the troubles that threatened the peace of every living human being. Being the daughter of a wealthy yet loving family,I was indeed well protected and didn't have to suffer as much as those who after witnessing first hand had to experience in life. With a soft sigh I plugged my headset into my phone and placed the earpiece into my ear.Taking a quick scroll through my most recent playlist,I chose 'Earned it',one of my favourite songs by The Weeknd. I felt my phone vibrate against my hands reminding me that I had a bunch of people to reply to.Punching the password into the touchscreen,I quickly replied to some,the most important ones. Taking another deep breath,I smiled loving the feel that the cold breeze brought along with it. A twinge of fear somehow managed to break through my happiness,my mind choosing this peaceful moment to remind me of the horrifying dreams that have invaded my sleep recently. Damn those horror movies my brother had forced me to watch last week. Somewhere deep inside me however told me that those dreams were a warning of a storm that was about to turn my serene life upside down.Ever had one of those feelings where you somehow knew something huge was about to take place…or was it just that I was turning crazy? The fear was quickly suppressed by the loud knock on my room door. "Rosella it's time for your breakfast."The high pitched call from my mother,Leah Patterson expressed how annoyed she was. "I'll be there in a minute mom."I shouted from my room,throwing my headphones on my desk before heading out the door. "What took you so long?"she asked."I've been calling you to have breakfast for over a half an hour now." "I'm sorry mom,I got a bit caught up messaging my friends."I apologised giving her a soft kiss on her cheeks. She sighed."I've already arranged your plate at the table so go eat." I nodded as I climbed down the stairs quickly,my stomach growling at the mention of food.The television was blaring loudly from the family room where my father was most likely seated looking at early morning politics. As soon as I entered the dining room, Brent, my annoying brother turned his wandering gaze on me. "Good morning sleeping ugly."He greeted me with a grin. I rolled my eyes at him."Stop talking about yourself like that."I teased. He chuckled."I see someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."He drawled lazily stretching his hands out above him. "Are you guys already fighting this early in the morning?"my grandmother asked walking in with drinks in her hands.She had a knowing smile on her face as she set the glass cups gently on the designed wooden table.Everyone was used to our bickering by now,it was simply put, our morning routine. "That's a norm mom."my mother cut in with a smile. "It's not fighting grandma ,its our love for each other expressed in a different way ."Brent explained with a wink sent in my direction. I laughed."I hate to admit it but he is right." "Leah I don't know what to say about your kids.One minute they are fighting and the next they're picking up for one another."Grandmother complained shaking her head. "They aren't just my kids,they are your grandchildren too."Mom pointed out taking a seat next to Brent. "They definitely don't take after me."grandmother teased. I took a bite out of my toast and looked at Brent."Why does it feel like we're being ganged up on here?"I asked him. "I think we need grandfather's help,he would definitely take our side."he replied rubbing his eyes as if he was sleep deprived. "Oh that reminds me,your father's dad would be coming today for a visit,he wants to have a word with you about your next case Brent."mother announced taking a sip of her tea. Crap.Whenever grandpa Liam visited I wasn't allowed to leave the house since his visits weren't that frequent. "Today?"I asked."But I have a party to attend to."I protested. "Well there are many parties but your grandfather barely visits because he's busy with his job saving lives.Your party could wait until he leaves." "But mom-" "Rosella not another word about this."she warned. "Why are you arguing with my daughter so early in the morning?"my father asked walking into the room,planting a kiss on my cheeks. "Morning dad."I greeted him brightly. "Jace she wants to go to a party today when your father is visiting." "Well she can go if she wants to,I'm sure she'll reach back in time to see dad anyway." I smiled at my father’s words, as you can see I was daddy’s spoilt little girl. Mom sighed."You're spoiling her too much Jace.She's not going to the party until your father gets to see her and that's final." "I'm sorry Rose,your mother has a point on this one anyway.Besides you know I can't go against her wishes when she makes that angry face at me."he apologised giving her a kiss. "Get a room!"Brent shouted pretending to choke on his food,I rolled my eyes,he was acting like an immature child. I couldn't believe this,I had waited for this party in so long and when it finally reached I had to attend it late!Even my outfit was already laid out on my bed upstairs. However mother was right,we hardly ever saw grandpa Liam since he was always busy with the FBI most of the time. As if on cue the doorbell rang.We remained seated while the maid answered the door. "It's Sir Liam."she announced. "Bring him in."my father ordered. We all rose up from our chairs to greet him. "How's my favourite grand children doing?"he asked with a bright smile. Dad chuckled."They're your only grandchildren dad." "We're good."Brent and I replied at exactly the same time. "Rosella you seem to be getting more beautiful each time I see you.You definitely take after your mother."he complimented me. "Thank you grandpa." "Am I supposed to be offended by that dad?"father asked pretending to be hurt. Everyone laughed at his expression. "We need to discuss your new case.It requires your undivided attention."he said turning his attention to Brent . My brother had joined the FBI with our grandfather a year ago and he had definitely liked it so far,a little too much according to my father.He wasn't too fond of him joining the FBI , for his own safety of course. I took a seat next to Brent on the soft cushions.Whenever he was assigned a case the entire family would join in on the discussion as we loved listening to the cases that Brent were assigned to,they were always extremely interesting. "A few months ago Richard Rodriguez's daughter was kidnapped."Grandfather started placing some photos of the young girl in the glass table we used to hold the vase in front of us. "You mean the rich businessman?" my father inquired taking a closer look at the pictures. Grandpa nodded his head."Yes.We kept it away from the media in case you're wondering why you've never heard of it.Thankfully we were able to find her because of John Miller,one of our best agents." I felt Brent stiffen next to me at the mention of this John Miller.Why did my brother react like this at just hearing his name? "However we never did catch the culprits.They escaped.Two weeks ago another businessman's daughter went missing and they called for ransom. We found her yesterday and she wasn't in a good state,this was after they received money for her. We have reason to believe that it’s the same people behind this kidnapping.I'm assigning you this case with John ,Brent.We need to catch these men and put them behind bars before another businessman's daughter becomes the next victim." "But why assign me with John?"Brent asked,sounding the least pleased about the pairing. "He is the very best of the agency and you're also one of our best agents.We need two young and skilled agents to go undercover and find out who's behind this."He explained. It seemed to me that they were only after the daughters of rich families, should I be worried? "Should I be worried?"I asked,my recent nightmares suddenly creeping up in my mind again. Grandpa shook his head at me."I doubt,so far they haven't targeted the biggest businessmen,they're more targeting the ones lower than them.However it’s always good to be safe.Always check your surroundings and let your brother teach you a few tricks on how to defend yourself if ever in a difficult situation." Brent smirked at that."Rosella can't even hurt a fly,how can she learn a few tricks from me?" I smacked him in his shoulder--hard.That ought to teach him a lesson. "OW--Sorry!"he apologised with a mischievous smile. Grandfather laughed."You know Rosella we can use more female agents in the FBI." "No no no.My little girl is not going to join the FBI to get hurt."my father cut in.”Don’t ever suggest such a thing again .” "That seems interesting grandpa but I think I'll have to pass." Fighting was just not my thing. "Will I be able to attend the party now?"I asked turning to mother who looked a bit worried .Was she afraid that Brent would be starting a dangerous case? She turned her gaze to my grandfather."What time will you be staying until?"she asked him. " I have a lot of information to share with Brent so probably the entire day." She turned her gaze back to me and sighed."Well I guess you could go now.But make sure and return by seven."she warned. I smiled giving her a kiss on her cheeks."Thanks mom,you're the best." ............................................. John's POV: I throwed my keys on the desk in front of me and took a seat on the chair with a sigh. It had been a tough week searching for the Fill's daughter. It was even worse that we got her back in such a horrible condition.Her wrists were bruised from where the kidnappers had tied the rope too harshly,her ribs broken,her entire face was a mixture of blue and black from where they had mercilessly beaten her.It was an image I would never forget,I had definitely seen worse before but somehow seeing a poor innocent teenage girl in such a devastating condition,it was simply upsetting to my mind.Someone who hadn’t done anything wrong mistreated by people who were too lazy to earn money the right way. This was the second time a young girl was kidnapped by these people and we still had no lead on the culprits. I resisted the urge to slam my fists against the wall. A knock on my office door brought me out of my thoughts. "Come in."I called without looking up from the files laid out in front of me. "John." "What is it Roy?"I asked finally looking up giving him my full attention. "We've gotten a lead on the suspects." I rose up from the chair  immediately, grabbing my keys from the desk ."Fill me in ." .................................................. Rosella's POV: "What's the time Evelina?"I asked taking a bite out of the birthday cake,my eyes searching the walls for a clock. "It's seven."she answered after checking her phone. My eyes widened."Crap!I was supposed to be home by seven."I exclaimed, giving her a hug and hurrying down the pathway before she could persuade me to stay longer.I pushed my way through the dancing couples frantically.My mother was so going to kill me! My phone's battery was dead so there was no telling how many times they had called already. I pulled out my car keys and quickly got into my car.I started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot. I just hoped my mother wasn't overreacting at home.For starters she would argue that I didn't take a limo and a driver.Plus I might even get grounded for more than a week,I didn't want to take that risk.I mashed the pedal harder hoping that the car could save me from this mess. I was still a good twenty minutes from home when I realized a vehicle following me,I pulled onto a back street to determine whether I was right or whether my mind was playing tricks on me.Like it’s been doing since the first nightmare I had this week. My heart accelerated as realization dawned on me. I was definitely being followed. I looked for the nearest exit to return to the highway but to my horror realized the road was blocked off. Before I could react the car was behind me blocking my only exit.I was trapped! What was I to do?I couldn't even call anyone! I rubbed my sweaty palms against the soft fabric of my dress.My mind searching for an idea for some sort of escape. I watched helplessly in the rear view mirror as two men with guns began walking towards my car in deliberate slowness. "Open the car door or else we will shoot!"One of the men shouted banging on my window. I closed my eyes and prayed for a miracle, my hands trembled as I unlocked the door.They opened it and pulled me out of the car as I started to scream. One of the men covered my mouth."Shut up!" I bit his hand hard and kicked him on his shin ,running as soon as he let go off me screaming in pain. "Help!"I screamed running through the dark alley,one streetlight being the only source of light present. I barreled into a rock hard chest,the man holding onto my waist to keep me from falling.An involuntary cry wrenched from my throat. "Let me go!"I cried,hitting against his chest,my entire body turning rigid. "Shhh."A rough masculine voice whispered."I'll protect you."the person said loosening his hold on my waist. I looked up for the first time to stare at him and lost my breath the instant my eyes came into contact with his face. Oh.My. I think my ovaries just exploded. Who was he? ...........................

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