Chapter Two

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Mistral’s POV I was standing outside of the building where Jared’s classes are held. I was waiting for him. I am glad that many of the students have stopped staring at me finally. I’m looking forward to this weekend. I have missed him. I shifted the keys from my right hand to my left for Xan’s car. Jared, has taught me how to drive because I am here so often usually. Jared was able to use his magic to create a birth certificate for me to be able to get identification with a driver’s license. I don’t like that we had to falsify the documents, but it was the only way. I haven't been able to come lately because I was needed on Zare with my sisters. Everyone is excited about the Halloween Dance this year. Zariah is the only sister that has attended the dance. Zariah offered Zavaria castle to host it because it would hold everyone and then some. I came with Lumina, Gavin, and Hayze to collect Gavin’s parents so they could attend the party and spend a little time with them on Zare. It will be their first trip. Lily and Alex, Luke, Jared, and Xander's parents are excited as well to attend. Lily promised Kindra to be there when she has her daughter, and the dance was a good excuse to return to Zare with us. Jared had told me that his classes were cut short due to Halloween being this weekend. We have a lot of medical equipment to bring over to Zare that Jared has been purchasing. Lily and Alex, with help from Stowne, Luke, Jared, and Xan, have been remodeling their house. They built a secure garage that has a room where the portal opens inside so none of the neighbors can see us come and go so frequently. It is huge. They moved Zariah’s van inside the garage to help keep it protected as well. They built two rooms with bathrooms on the second story. That way, each brother could have a room and bathroom when they come to visit. There used to be only one level to the house. Many people have started to come out of the building now. It's three in the afternoon. We’re going to go back to Zare tomorrow on Friday. I watched the different people empty from the building. I grinned when I caught sight of the top of his head. He was looking at his phone. My phone chimed. I got a text. I can’t wait to see you. He sent me. Look up. I replied by text. He did after another few seconds. His grin made my knees weak. He ran to me and scooped me up in his arms, claiming my lips as he spun me around. He broke the kiss. “I missed you so much.” He said and pecked my lips again. I had wrapped my legs around his waist when he spun me. “Get a room!” Someone hollered at us as I kissed him more deeply. I laughed and he did as well. “I missed you too.” I finally replied. “How has school been?” I asked. “Tedious, but well worth it.” He commented. “Aquara will be happy you are coming. Luke has been tending to her and Kindra, but I know she is ready to have her baby.” I told him. “How is Jarrett handling things?” He asked as we walked hand in hand to Xan’s car. “He’s a little anxious but in a good way of excitement. He’s just happy Zariah, Caedan and the twins are finally home, as are the rest of us. Before you ask, Kindra is doing fine too.” I told him. I handed him the keys to drive. “What do you want to do tonight?” He asked. “I’m not sure. Maybe we should ask Gavin, Lumina, and Hayze when we get back to the house.” I suggested. “Hayze came along?” He asked a little surprised. “Yeah, she asked to come with us. I think she is a little lonely since we all have someone now and she still doesn’t. She has been focusing on training us a lot. I’m hoping she’ll meet someone at the dance,” I said. “Maybe we could go to the club tonight, get a little dinner before and have some fun here on Earth. I bet they’ll have Halloween themes, so we could run and get costumes and dress up and have fun.” He suggested. “Lumina and Hayze don't have identification.” I responded disappointedly. “I have been creating fake IDs for your sisters, Caedan, Jarrett, Kayne, and Kalan. You can’t tell the difference between real and my fake as I spelled them with Luke’s help last time he was here. I don’t like doing it, but you have all been visiting more frequently and I didn’t want you all to be stopped because you didn’t have proper identification.” He explained. I don’t like the idea of fake identification, but technically my driver’s license is sort of fake. Well, I got it using fake documentation. I still had to take the driving test though. I do see the logic in the situation though. I thought for a second before responding, “Then let’s see if they want to go out.” We pulled into the driveway a couple of minutes later. We went inside. Everyone was sitting in the living room. “Hey, Jared and I were talking on the way back and how would you guys feel about dinner and going to the dance club? He said that they may have Halloween themes where we could run out and get costumes to dress up.” I asked. Hayze’s eyes brightened then dulled. “Caedan isn’t here to glamour the door person to get us in.” Hayze commented dejectedly. “Jared, has you covered for identification.” I replied. Her eyes brightened again. “What are we waiting for then?” She exclaimed. “Let me put my stuff in my room and take a quick shower and change. Then we can go to the Halloween store in the mall to pick out costumes.” He suggested. They nodded. I followed him up the stairs to his room. He tossed his bag on the chair at his desk. He began pulling open a couple of drawers in his desk and fished out what he was looking for. He sorted through the small cards and then set Lumina’s and Hayze’s cards to the side, putting the rest back in the drawer. He moved into his bathroom, and I could hear him rummaging around in there as I looked at the cards really quickly and they were really well made. I almost dropped them as I was trying to set them back down. Jared had come back into the room with no shirt on. My pulse quickened as I looked at him. He has gained more muscles as he’s trained hard every time he goes back to Zare. His wolf Drios has gotten stronger too, as Zariah told Luke and him they would. He looked at me and smirked as I stared at him. “Like what you see?” He teased me and gestured to himself. I had been staring at him. I slowly shook my head from one side to the next to clear my head. I sucked my bottom lip into my mouth and gnawed on it a little. He took a few strides towards me and grasped me around my waist. He lifted me and set me on his bed. “You need your shower,” I said distractedly. He grinned and had my jeans and everything on my lower half stripped before I could blink. I blinked and his face was between my thighs, and I was screaming his name in no time. I am glad there is a silence barrier in place for his room. He stood and began picking up my clothes. “Sorry. I just missed tasting you.” He said huskily with a mischievous tone. “You have to dress yourself, or this shower is going to take longer than we have time for.” He said as he handed me my clothes. I watched as he went back into the bathroom, and I heard the shower turn on. I wondered to myself why I hadn’t given myself completely to him. I am grateful for his patience with me. I guess a part of it has been how sheltered we all were being held prisoner in that room that is now Aquara and Jarrett’s room now for almost all our lives by Malos. I sometimes still have nightmares about being held with my sisters and when he tried to force me to wield the golden sword when I had come of age. The men who love us have been incredibly patient with all of us and I know my sisters as well as I appreciate that they find us worth the wait. I dressed and tamed my lavender and silver sparkled hair and clothes some before heading back downstairs. I handed the cards to Lumina and Hayze to put in their pockets. They looked over them and were impressed with how they looked. Jared joined us soon. Gavin offered to drive as he doesn’t get to drive being on Zare, and it has been a while since he’s been home here on Earth. Jared sat in the front with him, and we took the backseat. Hayze sat between Lumina and me. It didn’t take long to get to the mall from the house. Gavin found a spot to park, and we got out. We made our way inside the food court entrance. Jared had hold of my right hand and Gavin was holding Lumina’s left. Hayze was walking between Lumina and myself. Gavin and Jared directed us to where the Halloween store was. I had to chuckle at some of the displays as we went inside. If only humans truly knew what magical beings looked like in their true forms. Jared stepped on a thing on the ground that said to step on it. A large fake hairy spider creature shot forward toward us. I screamed, as I wasn’t expecting that to happen, and it startled me. Jared and Gavin laughed. I had jumped into Jared’s side and was gripping his arm. I punched his arm then for laughing at me. He continued to chuckle at me. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.” He admitted. He received a second punch in his arm from me, but then he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me briefly. I forgot why I was annoyed with him. He guided us to the adult-sized costume area. I laughed at a mask that I assumed represented a werewolf. “Maybe you should wear that costume. You know to stay true to who you are.” I teased. He poked my side with his finger as I laughed at him. I wanted to groan at all the skimpy costumes for women. I settled on a sexy witch costume. All the women's costumes were sexy versions. Jared decided on a wizard costume to compliment my witch as he told me. At least he was staying true to one side of himself. We had fun picking out the accessories needed to complete the costume. We had to go to a shoe store after, because we left all our heels on Zare, and I was trying to mimic the picture on the front of my costume the best I could. The woman is wearing black heels. I found a pair close to the picture and that fit me. Hayze and Lumina found shoes for their costumes too. Jared paid for them with our joint bank account. He opened it with both our names after he exchanged the gems he was sent back here with. It saves Zariah’s bank account too. This way, too, when I bring gems with me, I can deposit the money into the account after selling them. I can also freely shop online if I want to. We made our way to the jewelry shop after, as I wanted to match some jewelry to the witch costume. “Jared?” I heard from the man walking towards us as he got closer. Jared and Gavin had been walking in front of us blocking us from view. The man had very short black hair and was wearing jeans and a black shirt. Jared’s face lit up when he saw the man. He strode faster to meet the man. He grasped his hand and pulled him into his chest while patting the man’s back with his other hand as the man did to him. I have learned this is how men greet if they are greeting with a hug. They were discussing with each other how long it has been since they last saw each other. Gavin approached the man a second later as he apparently knew him as well. My sisters and I just stood witnessing their exchanges. “Man, you have bulked up since school.” The man said to Jared as he tapped his hand on Jared’s stomach and chest area in a quick hit. “Yes, well I have worked out.” Jared replied. “It looks good on you. I don’t think you have ever smiled as much in a long while.” The man commented. “Well, I do have a good woman in my life.” Jared replied. “Really?” He asked. “Me too. I wouldn’t know where I would be without my wife,” Gavin remarked. Jared nodded his agreement. “You got married? Please don’t tell me it was Rachel.” The man asked Gavin. “Definitely not.” Gavin replied with disgust. The man looked up and finally saw us standing there. “Wow!” He exclaimed as he looked at us. We started to walk closer to them, and his grin got wider as he stared at us. I smiled as we all did. Gavin wrapped his arm around Lumina’s waist, and I wrapped my arm around Jared’s waist. He placed his arm around me, holding me to his side. “You’re joking, right? How did you both get women as gorgeous as these women?” He asked, a little dumbfounded. “You remember my younger brother Xander?” Jared asked. He nodded as he continued to stare at all of us. “Do you remember his female friend Zariah?” Jared asked. “Yeah, she was kind of cute.” He remarked. “Yeah, well these are her older sisters.” Gavin told him. “Wow, to think the good genes fairy blessed her family four times over.” The man remarked. “Eight times. Zariah is our eighth sister,” I said. Jared and Gavin nodded. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pulled up a picture of all of us. I turned my phone to him and showed him. I heard him audibly gulp. “I am qu, uh Mistral.” I said as I stretched my hand to him for him to shake it. He took it gently in his hand. His hands were a little rough in texture, but not unpleasant. “It’s nice to meet you. I am Galen.” He replied as he shook my hand. I nodded. “Galen has been one of my friends since high school,” Jared explained. Lumina went next and introduced herself. I looked at Hayze, and she was just staring at him. I don’t think she processed him introducing himself at first. I nudged her with my elbow. “Uh, I’m Hayze.” She finally responded as she thrust her hand out at his. He was staring intently back at her. “Don’t let me keep you all,” Galen said. “You’re not keeping us. We do need to go into that store really quickly, but you should stay and catch up with the guys.” I said. “Are you sure?” Jared asked. I nodded and leaned up to kiss him quickly. My sisters and I made our way into the jewelry store. Lumina rounded on Hayze as soon as we were out of sight of the men. “What was that Hayze?” She asked. “I. I don’t know.” She finally said. “I think you like him.” I commented. “I don’t know. There is something about him that is intriguing, I will admit,” Hayze commented. Jared and Gavin invited Galen to join us for dinner and out to the club. We went to the steakhouse Zariah had brought us to for the first time we all came to Earth. It was a nice dinner. Hayze sat next to me across from Galen. “Are you going to make me work out in the morning after eating all this food?” Gavin whined a little at Hayze. “Depends on how much dancing you get done tonight.” Hayze teased him and chuckled. We joined her in chuckling. “Hayze, maybe you can go light on him tonight is supposed to be about having fun before we go home tomorrow,” I reminded her. “You work out?” Galen asked. “Not really,” Hayze responded. “We train to fight.” Hayze stated. Galen’s face had a look of shock for a brief second. “Why would you need to fight?” He asked with an incredulous tone. “That’s our business.” Hayze retorted. “Galen don’t fight with her. My brother has been teaching them how to fight for almost a year now. The only one stronger than they are is Zariah, but all of them will put you on your *ss before you can blink.” Jared warned. “I’d like to see that.” He scoffed in disbelief. “Tomorrow. I’ll have Jared let you know where we will meet to train. Don’t drink too much because it will still be early enough in the morning.” Hayze commanded him almost. “I can handle it.” He remarked. Hayze arched her eyebrow at him. Galen went home after dinner, and we went home to change into our costumes. He had said he would meet us at the club. We arrived at the club before Galen did. We found a table and ordered some drinks. Lumina dressed as a fairy, or what the store’s version of a fairy was. She was all dressed in gold and Hayze was a fairy as well dressed in purple and black mostly. Jared looked sexy in his wizard costume. Gavin dressed as a doctor, which made us chuckle as I would’ve thought Jared would do the sexy doctor look. We decided not to wait for Galen and moved to the dance floor among the other people dressed in costumes. Not everyone was dressed up, but that didn’t matter. They seemed to be having fun. We danced in a group. I spotted Galen approaching us. At first, I wasn’t sure as to who he dressed up as. He seemed familiar though. He had a black top and black bottoms and some sliver thing with a white stick pointing down sticking on the side of his belt. His right hand was in a black glove. “Luke from Star Wars, that movie we watched about space.” Jared leaned into my ear and told me so I could hear him over the music. I must have been giving a confused look. I know who he’s referring to now. He could dance. I will give Galen that. “You look like you could use a drink.” Jared said to Galen. He nodded. “We’ll be right back.” Jared told me. I nodded. Gavin joined them, so we continued to dance together. It felt like we got swarmed a little as soon as the men left us. So many men were crowding in on us trying to dance close to us. Too close to my liking. “Come on Baby show me how well your hips move.” Some guy in a dracula costume demanded of me. I shook my head no. “Come on. You have such a nice *ss shake it.” He demanded and slapped my right *ss cheek. It was as if time slowed. Jared was rushing back towards me, and the guy was raising his hand to hit my *ss again. I twisted and grabbed his arm and flipped him over my shoulder, dropping him to the dance floor. It seemed like it took forever, but it only took a few seconds. “Keep your hands off from me.” I threatened. The men who crowded around us started to step away from my sisters and me, giving us space. What is it with Earth dance clubs, or is it just this one that men think they can put their hands on women? I asked myself. I still remember Zariah breaking a guy’s fingers after he got handsy with her. Jared had me in his arms. “Are you okay?” He asked near my ear. “Yeah, I’m fine, but he smacked my *ss.” I said. “He did what?” Jared asked a little angered. “Last time we came here with Zariah she broke a man’s fingers after he touched her against her will. What is it with this place? Or is it men in general?” I asked. “Sadly, it’s men.” Jared confessed. Thankfully, the rest of the evening was enjoyable, and Hayze even had some fun. It did help that I kept an air barrier around us as we danced. That helped to keep people at enough of a distance. We could pass through it easily, but no one else could. I noticed Galen bumping against it a few times and shaking his head, not understanding what was going on. Maybe he thought he was hitting another dancer by accident, I thought. ~~~ Hayze had us across the street in the field there. It is so large we moved deeper in so not too many people could see what we were doing. Galen showed up before we finished breakfast. I was wearing a pair of lavender yoga pants with a matching sports bra and a white tank top on along with my sneakers. Hayze and Lumina were dressed similarly, as that is how we dress when training on Zare. The guys wore sweats and t-shirts. It’s cold, but not too bad. Plus, the training will warm us. Hayze paired me with Jared, of course, and he needed to try and get me off my feet in whatever way he could. Normally, this would include his magic, but he can’t blatantly use it in front of Galen. Jared tried for several minutes to get me knocked off my feet unsuccessfully. When it was my turn, I had him on the ground quickly. It wasn’t even a matter of him trying to go easy on me. “He let you knock him off his feet,” Galen accused. “How about we use the same challenge. You have five minutes to knock me to the ground in any way you can. After it is my turn,” I offered. “Deal.” He responded and we shook hands on it. I wouldn’t lie for someone who didn’t have magic. He almost got me knocked over more than once. I was still faster than he was, and I wasn’t using my magic either. Jared would have had an easier time if he was using his magic on me. I still would have put up a fight, but his chances would have been better. I had Galen on his back within the same amount of time as Jared. I let him hit the ground harder to knock the air out of him just a little. So, the training went though Galen paired off with Hayze next. She punished him more than I did. He kept coming back for more. She could’ve been worse, but she was holding back. “How can you all spar like this after a night of drinking and dancing?” Galen asked after we finished our training. “Earth’s alcohol has nothing on Gradia ale.” Lumina blurted out. “Oh sh*t.” Lumina said as we turned to stare at her. “I’m sorry.” She apologized. “What are you talking about?” Galen asked. “Just forget it.” Jared ordered him. “Are you spies?” Galen accused. “No.” We all said. He looked as if he didn’t believe us. He reached for his phone. “That’s it,” I said. I flicked my wrists and encircled his hands with a rope made of air. He looked at me in shock. He tried to run away from us, and I wrapped his legs in bands of air around his legs. I then hovered him above the ground. He opened his mouth as if to scr*am for help. “Jared, put a silence barrier around us.” I commanded him. He nodded and quickly spoke the spell. “What is going on?” Galen roared. “Why can’t I move my body and how am I floating off the ground?” He followed in quick succession. “I have you trapped with my air magic, and Jared has spelled this area so no one will hear you holler no matter how loud you are.” I told him. “I demand you let me go.” He said. “Don’t make me silence you with an air gag. You need to listen to me.” I said. “They can’t stand idly by and not help me.” He gestured to my sisters, Gavin, and Jared with his head. “They will get in as much trouble as you will holding me against my will.” He accused. “They won’t do anything without my command. Seeing as I am the oldest sister here right now, that means I am in charge. They will follow my lead.” I explained to him. They all nodded in agreement to him. “Now, are you going to cooperate and let us explain things?” I asked. He had a look like he wasn’t going to cooperate. “Put him under a sleeping spell then.” I ordered Jared. I had Jared put an invisibility barrier around Galen’s body as well. We walked him back across the field and across the street and into the house while he was still being hovered with my magic. I laid him on the couch. “Can you awaken his blood?” I asked Jared. “Yes.” “Good, do it.” I said. “Why?” Jared asked. “Because we are going to take him with us.” I answered him. “Against his will?” Gavin asked. “No, he will be given a choice. He can choose to follow us into the portal or remain behind with an altered memory.” I said. I had Jared wake him up. I put an air gag on him, so he had to listen to me. Jared woke his ancient blood and healed him after, while he was under the sleeping spell. “Look, I wish I could go into great detail with you about what is going on. All I can tell you is that we come from another world, or dimensional plane of existence that is tied to Earth, called Zare. On Zare, magic, magical beings and creatures, and supernatural creatures exist. My sisters and I each rule one of the seven kingdoms on Zare. Zariah rules all of us with her husband. I am High Queen Mistral of Azaira. The air kingdom. I have magic over air. Lumina is high queen of Gradia Kingdom. Her magic is light magic. Hayze is high queen of Varyn Kingdom with shadow magic,” I explained. I conjured a sphere of my air magic in my hand. He stared at my hand. I am unsure of how he was taking it. “We are going to portal home as soon as Gavin returns with his parents. It is their first trip to Zare. I had Jared wake your ancient blood. You will have the choice of coming with us to see for yourself or remain and Jared will alter your memories to forget all of this and all of us.” I said. I flicked my wrist and removed the air gag. “How can Jared do that?” He finally asked. “Do what?” I asked. “Alter my memories.” He replied. “Because he is a wizard now along with being a werewolf. Zariah gave all the brothers magic to go along with their wolves.” I explained. “So, if I go, I will be a werewolf?” He asked skeptically. “No.” I replied. “But you said they all had wolves.” He stated. “Yes, because it was in their blood. Gavin isn’t a wolf, nor does he have one. Zariah only gave him magic, making him a wizard because he earned it in her eyes.” I tried to explain. “So, I don’t have a wolf?” He questioned. “I don’t know. You could have one, but only Kayne, Rai, or Xander would be able to tell you that.” I replied. “Where are they?” He asked. “On Zare.” I responded. “Dude, she is telling you the truth.” Jared said as he came into the living room from upstairs.
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