Chapter One

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Zariah’s POV Aelia and Ayella landed in the main courtyard at the main entrance of Zavaria Castle. We have just returned from visiting my parents and grandparents in Vosan Kingdom. We were able to finally meet Char as well. I was rather impressed with the conversations I had with him. I really wished he could leave the volcanic mountains of Scorch Mountains. It was interesting to learn about how Earth was so very long ago. He really didn’t like, as a cherufe, that the magical beings and creatures then made virginal sacrifices to his mountains in what is now South Central Chile area. They assumed, because he let his magma flow out in a volcanic eruption, that he was punishing the people when, in fact, he was trying to help extend and build up more landmass for them. Also, vegetation grows really well with volcanic soil. He was fascinated by my telling of Earth as it is now. He was really impressed with our twins. He explained to me as well how all the creatures knew when I gave birth to them. We still haven't got a chance to visit all the creatures and people throughout Zare right now. We had decided to wait for a couple of months to adjust Ziran and Krianna to a sort of schedule. We have been traveling through all the seven kingdoms to allow each kingdom to spend time with the future of Zare. We spent eight days in each kingdom. My sisters met us at each of their kingdoms when we were there. I didn’t need Kindra to visit with us in Vosan as our parents are there ruling while she is in Zavaria Castle leading and ruling for us while we make this worldwide visit to the kingdoms. I climbed off from Aelia’s white back with Krianna strapped into a bundle on my chest. Caedan got off Ayella’s black back with Ziran strapped to him in a bundle. Xander offered to come with us on this tour, but we told him it was okay. Rai took his dragon form and traveled with us through some of the kingdoms. That appeased Kindra, Kayne, and Xander as they take our security and safety seriously. Kayne would have come but Kindra had gotten further along in her pregnancy, and Caedan and I felt he should remain with his wife. Aquara and Jarrett are expecting their little prince anytime soon. That is why we took the trip when we did. I wanted to be here for Aquara and meet my new nephew when he arrives. Xander approached me as I got my footing on the ground from Aelia’s massive dragon body. He pulled me in his arms from my right side and back area so he could hug me without disturbing Krianna. She fell asleep on the way back. I tilted my head back to my best friend’s shoulder and chest area to rest my head against the side of his to hug him in greeting. “I missed you.” He let me know. “It’s been a long two months of traveling.” I replied. Caedan came over and Xander shook his hand and pulled him in for a man hug towards Caedan’s left side. Ziran was awake, so Xander caressed his hair in greeting. “It’s good to see you Xan.” Caedan told him. Caedan absorbed Aelia and Ayella back into his wrist because I couldn’t while I was craddling Krianna in my arms. We made our way inside the castle. It is still mid-morning, so my sisters are probably having the morning meeting still in our office. We made our way to the office with Xander in tow. All my sisters and their husbands were sitting on the couches we have in the center of all our desks where we discussed things going on in the kingdoms, and throughout all of Zare. Stowne shot up from Luke’s side to get to us first. I put my finger up to my lips to keep our family on a quieter level, so they didn’t wake Krianna. Caedan and I took a spot next to Avala and Kalan on their couch. Caedan pulled Ziran out of the bundle on his chest. He handed him to Avala at his side. Kindra and Aquara were sitting on the couch across from us. Jarrett sat on the arm next to Aquara and Kayne sat on the arm next to Kindra. They could sit on the couch, but I think they wanted to allow their wives to have as much space and be as comfortable as they possibly can. “How are you feeling, Aquara?” I asked. She gave me a knowing look that said she was so ready to have her little prince. She rubbed her belly, and I could see my nephew kicking or punching her through her belly. She idly rubbed her belly where he kicked her. She was smiling though, and Jarrett was just beaming next to her. I am sure Jarrett is happy he will finally get his heir after Rane lost three of his babies, unbeknownst that Salia was causing the issues with the first two to be aborted, causing her aunt to lose her babies. I’m sure it makes a difference that Jarrett truly loves Aquara, and she loves him. It wasn’t love with Rane. It was just Rane’s love potion that made Jarrett think he loved her for years. “I love being pregnant, but I am ready for him to arrive.” She commented while still rubbing her belly. “I know what you mean. I was so ready to have the twins and couldn’t wait for them to arrive either.” Everyone’s face got a little sullen thinking about the birth of the twins. I died after Krianna was born due to Magnia’s venom that had remained in my womb and instantly spread once both the twins were born into my blood stream. Thankfully, Kindra was able to save me with her lightning magic that was mixed with my golden life magic. I had given her as much of my magic to defeat the dark sorcerer Abrenos, so she could wield my golden sword. I knew I was in labor the morning we confronted Abrenos once and for all. I knew that giving Kindra my magic to mix with her fire and lightning magic would allow her to wield my sword for longer. Camenae was able to heal my womb and remove Magnia’s manananggal venom from my womb and blood to help heal me once Kindra brought me back from the brink of death. Thorne healed me the rest of the way after. I am just so grateful that Luke was able to help me give birth to the twins from his training in the Air Force. Jared has more medical education as the middle brother, but he hadn’t experienced an actual birthing situation until mine. Luckily, Luke had come across women while on deployments that he participated in helping them to give birth to their babies. Luke, Jared, and Xander, as well as Gavin have worked hard to learn the wizard magic. I gave them. The brothers have trained their wolves when they are in wolf form as well as in zara form. They all have worked to train under Thorne as my high wizard, and if not, Kayne and Kalan have helped to train them to use their magic. Gavin has an affinity for potions better than the brothers. I guess it helps that he is a natural baker and cook. I want to give them all their elemental zara, but none of them have figured out which element suits them best. I really thought Gavin and Luke would take after their wives’ elements, but so far, it’s not happened. Stowne and Lumina don’t want to rush their choices and they are okay if Luke doesn’t take Stowne’s earth magic, or Gavin doesn’t take Lumina’s light magic. I really want to give Gavin a zara in general to protect him, but he has to settle on the elemental magic, as he is not a shifter or any other magical being. I wonder what Xander will settle on as well. He is not in a relationship with one of my sisters, but Caedan’s cousin, Dusk. Just because she rules Varyn for Hayze while Hayze is here in Zavaria doesn’t mean he’ll learn shadow magic. Xander is still majorly attached to me, and I have magic over all the elements. I was brought out of my thoughts by Lumina reminding me that Gavin and her plan to go to Earth to pick up his parents, Jared, and his brothers’ parents for the upcoming Halloween Dance. Normally, the Halloween Dance is held in Lumina’s kingdom of Gradia as our grandparents kept that tradition regardless of Malos’ evil reign for over twenty years. I offered to have it here in Zavaria Castle, as we have far more room for all the kingdoms to attend and it is not limited to how many people can attend the party. It will also be Caedan’s birthday. “When are you leaving?” I asked. “We were planning to leave tomorrow after lunch.” Lumina told me. “I’m going to join you. I miss Jared. I haven’t had the time to go visit him for a little while. He said they are ending classes tomorrow because of Halloween this weekend.” Mistral spoke up. “Can I come too?” Hayze asked. “Of course.” Lumina and Mistral almost said at once. Lily and Alex wanted to return to be here for when Kindra goes into labor, but they may be here for Aquara’s as well. I am glad that my sisters took a liking to Xander’s parents. I have always treated them as a second set of parents. They, as well as Xander, really helped me through the accident that almost took my life and did take my adopted parent’s lives. This will be Gwen and Jack’s first visit to Zare. Gavin and Lumina visited them and told them the truth about all of us and Zare. They were a little upset that they missed their son marrying my sister, but they were so excited that he had finally begun to make a life for himself, and he wouldn’t have to do it alone. I had left my cellphones here in Zavaria while we traveled through the kingdoms so that Kindra could handle them since she took charge for us. Plus, Caedan and I can telepathically communicate with any Zarean anywhere on Zare, no matter the distance. My family is restricted to a shorter distance to communicate telepathically. I just asked not to be contacted other than in an emergency. I would check in with Kindra once a week to check in, but that was it. “Are your parents bringing some of their delicious baked goods for the party?” Caedan asked Gavin. Gavin smiled, “You know they have made enough for half a world. I’ve got most of the rest being made here, but they will help me finish once we get back.” I am smiling because even though I couldn’t sample much of the goodies in their bakery because I was pregnant with the twins, my family and the treats we brought back for Christmas last year were a hit. “Our grandparents are coming tomorrow to start setting up the fountain for the Gradia ale as well as help with decorating for the party. It is essentially their event and they have successfully pulled it off for so many years.” Kindra informed me. We already know about their success at having it yearly. “Stowne and Avala will you be able to help me with our grandparents to get ready for the party?” I asked. “I can help,” Kindra stated. “Me too.” Aquara added. “I know you can, but I also know how tiring I got towards the end of my pregnancy, so I would rather you keep your help to more of a light load and supervising track.” I said. They both started to open their mouths. “Don’t make me command you as your high queen,” I said firmly. They both closed their mouths. Sometimes it feels weird to command the oldest of our sisters. Jarrett and Kayne both gave me subtle nods to thank me for that. I am certain my sisters have been a little difficult to deal with and hard for them to reason with lately. “Matter of fact, you both can be in charge of the twins, so Caedan and I can help better.” I ordered them. They smiled because if there is one thing, I can get them to follow my orders without complaint, it is taking care of their nephew and niece. “Sneaky.” Caedan said in my mind. I half smirked to not let on Caedan said anything to me. “They need to rest. I want happy pregnant sisters during this last stretch of each of their pregnancies.” I replied to him in his mind. He subtly rubbed the back of his hand against mine in a caress. Krianna began stirring in her bundle. She opened her smokey gray eyes with bright blue centers and peered up at me. I smiled down at my daughter. She gave a quick little smile at me. “How’s my little princess?” I cooed to her. She began squirming to be released from the bundle and I obliged her. “Is daddy’s babygirl finally awake?” Caedan asked her. She grinned wider at him talking to her. Our twins love us both, I am certain, but Krianna is definitely a daddy’s girl. I think she just loves his speaking tone and that makes her smile more when he talks to her. I passed her over to him so he could coo at her. Stowne and Luke have been cooing over Ziran for a few minutes now. We spent a little extra time catching up with my sisters on what had been happening while we were visiting the kingdoms. Jarrett, with Aquara supervising, has got all the rooms finally remodeled throughout the castle. There are still some areas left to remodel in the castle as well as on its grounds, but I am glad the initial room remodels have finally been finished. All the powder rooms in each room have been changed to a toilet, finally instead of a hole in a wooden bench much like an outhouse on Earth except cleaner. All the rooms now have a private washing room instead of the huge washing rooms that had a massive tub with a fountain in the center and twenty or more people could wash at once. They all now have closets as well in the rooms. The old washing rooms have been changed into utility rooms. They hold washing machines and dryers along with acting as a supply place. Many shelves were created to hold extra towels, blankets, sheets, and other things to clean or put in the rooms. There are even several built-in ironing boards with irons to help iron the clothing. There are a few tables to allow for folding laundry as well. Racks with wheels are set along the side for any clothes needing to be hung up to allow for the racks to be wheeled into whomever's room. I think I am going to look into remodeling the dining hall next. I like it, but I would love it to feel a little cozier and make it larger to allow for more round tables instead of the long rectangular ones. I think the head table we sit at will probably need to be more oval in shape to fit all of us, along with room for our personal guests. “Well, should we get some training of some sort in today?” Hayze asked. “I think so. Let me go and change and quickly tend to the twins.” I said. “We’ll tend to the twins.” Kindra offered. I nodded. I stood and stretched and then teleported into our room. Caedan joined me the next instant by teleporting too. We are the only ones who have the ability to teleport. We are unsure if the twins will be able to when they grow up.“Are you sure you want to train we just got back?” Caedan asked. I stepped into his arms. I lifted to my tip toes and kissed him. I enjoyed the lightning bolts as always as they shot through my body. I broke my kiss. “I haven’t trained much since having the twins. I really need to see where I may be lacking. I’ve thought of a bout of fighting with Xander.” I said. Caedan scrunched his face at me saying that. He was remembering how Xan accidently broke my jaw last year and it turned out I was pregnant at the time, though I didn’t know it. “We could train together if you like.” I offered. He grinned and pulled me in tighter, sealing his lips over mine. I let him kiss me for a couple of minutes before pulling away. “I said, training. I think we are pretty well trained to each other in the art of bed play.” I playfully chided him. He grinned. I moved to our closet so I could get some workout clothes on and get my sneakers. I took them back out into our bedroom to change as Caedan chose his clothes to workout and train in. It is still fairly warm on Zare, but that could change soon. When we were changed, we teleported outside to the training courtyard we normally use. I noticed Aquara and Kindra pushing the double stroller we have for the twins heading towards the track around the castle. I didn’t want them to train, but walking around wouldn’t hurt them. Kayne is with them, which makes me feel better. That must mean Xander is going to handle the training for the werewolves today. I looked over and, sure enough, he was with Luke and Kalan along with my other warriors, who are werewolves too. I watched as Xander changed into Deyax’s massive wolf. The sun showed brightly off his bright red fur. Luke changed into Dovan, and Kalan changed into his wolf form. I noticed that Kalan, as well as the rest of my warriors that were born on Zare and have had a zara from birth, had manifested them. Hayze was leading the training with our sisters along with their zara dragons and the other warriors along with their zaras manifested. “Aelia, Ayella come.” I summoned them from my left inner wrist. They manifested and made themselves tangible. “Go train with Hayze and the others.” I commanded them. Caedan and I moved a bit to the side to give the other groups space to train. I manifested my chains, and he manifested his. Our chains are identical now since being made high queen and king. However, mine still flow with more of my golden life magic and his flows a little more with his dark energy that represents his death magic. “Manifest your wings please? I want to be able to have a little more of a challenge for a target that can move through the air as well as the ground.” I explained. He did as I asked. I absolutely love his wings. Caedan and I trained for a while together. I had realized I had slowed down some in my response times. He helped me to adjust and work to build my response back up. I can’t wait until I can train again with Kindra as well. I am the only one who can handle her lightning magic out of all of us. I miss target practice of trying to hit Rai with a ball of lightning magic sometimes mixed with my own magic. Rai continuously monitors Magnia’s grave site in Shadow caves to make sure she doesn’t resurrect. It is a good thing no one can see him easily except for me and Kindra while he moves in his ball form. ~~~ We saw Lumina, Gavin, Mistral, and Hayze off after lunch to go and pick up everyone. Caedan opened the portal for them. Jared has a portal crystal with him on Earth. There are still so few portal crystals at the moment. It takes time for them to be created and Caedan and I control who has access to them for now. It is not to punish anyone, but Caedan’s father, Malos, destroyed almost all of them during his stolen reign. I am happy that Malos has seemed to be coming around. Caedan’s mom, Valeria, took Malos and Rane to Varyn with her. Valeria helps Dusk with the rule of Varyn as she was ruling Varyn before her death, when Malos left her and Caedan to steal the high throne. It frees up time for both Dusk and Valeria to spend time away from Varyn if they choose. Valeria visits us constantly and with Dusk it depends on if Xan is visiting her there or he’s here with us. I keep waiting for Xan to propose marriage to Dusk. He may be king of the werewolves and my former husband in our past lives, but I will change their titles from prince and princess as soon as they marry. He refused the title of king when I gave him his wizard magic and gave him a zara in the form of Deyax that he can manifest Deyax without changing into him if he chooses. I did the same for Luke’s wolf Dovan, and Jared’s wolf Drios, along with their royal titles or upgrading them. I made my way to the throne room to help get this decorating going. Kindra and Aquara were sitting comfortably on their thrones tending to Ziran and Krianna. Our grandmother, Queen Lumi, was guiding Caedan, Kayne, and other male warriors on setting the fountain in place for the Gradia ale. Stowne and Avala were discussing some things as they looked around the room. I approached them. “Oh, good you’re here. Avala and I are trying to figure out which spot to begin the decorating.” Stowne said. “Let’s start over there so we are out of the way while they set up the fountain and, eventually, the serving tables and tables for the party.” I suggested as I pointed to the other side of the room where there was minimal activity. They nodded. I pulled my phone out quickly and pressed a few buttons to connect with the speakers Xander installed around the massive throne room. Soon, music began playing at a reasonable volume. I couldn’t refuse and had started the music by playing “This is Halloween” from the Nightmare Before Christmas to get everyone in the spirit. Now that most if not all have seen the movie, I can see several smiles on everyone's faces as we go about readying the room for the party. Xander began singing to the song loudly. He knows all the words to it. I still struggle and don’t have it totally accurate, probably about ninety percent accurate. I kind of know how our grandparents decorated Gradia for last year’s Halloween Dance, which was where I met them for the first time and that was the night Caedan and I made love for the first time. I helped my sisters to guide them on decorating, but I did want to add a bit more since everyone who wants to come from the kingdoms is invited this time. I may continue to offer Zavaria for any major celebrations from here on out. I am wondering if I want to have a kind of Thanksgiving feast here or not. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving like on Earth. We would probably celebrate it as giving thanks for all that we’ve overcome and achieved here on Zare to begin to bring our world to peace and prosperity finally. I made my way over because I heard Ziran fussing a little too much. He is probably hungry again. Though I am grateful they can start to eat soft foods, finally I haven’t had a chance to replenish my milk supply, so others can make them a bottle and help with feeding them. I’ll have to do it once the celebrations are over. “I think he’s hungry,” I said. Kindra lifted him for me to take him. I moved to my throne after grabbing the blanket on the arm of Kindra’s throne to help cover myself. I am not embarrassed to feed my twins in front of everyone, but I have found they eat better when they are covered if many people are around. They are very curious, and I have a hard time getting them to settle to feed if they are not covered. Caedan came over and took his throne. He lifted the blanket slightly to caress Ziran’s head. He kissed me before sitting. “What do you think?” I asked him as I gestured to the room. “It’s coming along very nicely.” He commented. “Do you want anything special for your birthday?” I asked. I have been hinting about possible presents for him for a while now. “I don’t need anything love. I have all I could ever want and need right now. I have you and our babies. What more could I want?” He queried. “I don’t know. Maybe a luxury car.” I offered and grinned. He chuckled. “What am I going to do with one here on Zare? I don’t even know how to drive. We haven’t been back to Earth for a while.” He reminded me. “I still can’t believe Mistral let Jared teach her how to drive,” I commented. “Well, she has been spending as much of her spare time on Earth with him.” Caedan commented. “True. I can’t wait for him to finish medical school and he can be here full time. Oh, do you think he may want to remain on Earth to work in some hospital, or medical facility on Earth.” I asked a little concerned. “If he does, we will support him about it.” Caedan remarked. “I wonder how Mistral will react if that is what he chooses for his future?” I said. “We’ll handle it if it comes to that situation.” He replied. I nodded my head.
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