Falling For My Cousin's Fiance


Belle Rosemary always felt an attraction towards the FBI agent Brent Patterson, her best friend's brother but chose to ignore it due to the fact that he despised her for something she never did.

He blamed her for his break up with the woman he thought he was in love with, her cousin Lois who happened to hate her for no apparent reason.

Brent Patterson had finally gotten his wish, the woman he loved had finally forgiven him after years of apologizing .Afraid of losing her again,he asks for her hand in marriage which she quickly accepts.

There just seems to be one thing in the way...her cousin Belle.

When a psycho ex threatens Belle's safety Brent is forced to protect her from him bringing them both closer than before.

Problems arises when one unplanned kiss leads to another---Brent realizes that he might be marrying the wrong cousin and Belle realises that she was falling for her cousin's fiance.

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Chapter 1
FALLING FOR MY COUSIN’S FIANCE (Stand Alone Novel) Copyright All Rights Reserved. All characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author(me:p) and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names.They are not inspired by any individual known or unknown to me and all incidents are pure invention. No part of this book may be reproduced,scanned,or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission from the author. The truth is,everyone is going to hurt you.You just got to find the ones worth suffering for. ---Bob Marley. BOOKS IN ORDER OF THE SERIES: 1:My Soon To Be Stepbrother 2:Falling For The FBI Agent 3:Falling For My Cousin's Fiance 4 )Seducing The Forbidden Bodyguard (Bk 4)   FALLING FOR MY COUSIN'S FIANCE.--THE PATTERSON'S BOOK 3. LaurG. ************Chapter one*********** THREE YEARS BEFORE PRESENT I fidgeted nervously,like I always did when it came to speaking with Brent.Something about his charming smile and handsome features always made it difficult to think properly in his presence. Mrs. Patterson had asked that I kindly called Brent down for dinner. I suppressed my nervousness as I spotted his door just a few feet away.As I neared the room however,I stopped at the angry sounds coming out from it. "How could you do this to me Brent?" I tiptoed my way closer to the room,the angry voices becoming much clearer to understand. "Lois ,what are you talking about?If you would just calm yourself and speak to me so that I can understand what it is exactly that I did,I can help fix it. "Brent's frustrated voice surprised me,he was always the one to make everyone laugh,he sounded so uptight right now. "You can't fix this Brent,not this time."Lois snapped. This had to be their biggest argument ever,what exactly did Brent do? "Lois,I don't understand.Tell me what I did wrong!"Brent almost shouted. "You cheated on me with Belle." I placed my hands over my mouth to stifle my gasp. She had to be speaking of another Belle,not me,I would never do that to my cousin,it didn't matter to me that she hated me and treated me like crap,I would never hurt her ,it didn't matter that Brent happened to be the most good looking guy I had ever laid eyes on,it didn't matter that I felt an irresistible pull to him....I would never do what she just said. The entire room grew silent,I could almost imagine the look on Brent's face,what would be running through his mind? Would this destroy the friendship we had? To Brent I would always be his little sister's best friend ,he always considered me an adorable little girl since I was sixteen and he was twenty,but would that change now?Would he hate me? "Are you speaking of your sweet cousin,my sister's best friend,that innocent girl?"Brent asked ,I forced myself to peek through the small creek on the door,Brent was staring at Lois as if she were insane. My heart swelled with joy,maybe just maybe Brent wouldn't believe whatever lies Lois was about to say now. "Don't try to deny it Brent,she told me everything,you kissed her and she kissed you back." My heart shattered at the look on Brent's face,he looked like someone who was betrayed and at that exact moment I knew that everything was over,everything would change now because...he believed her and would never believe me. PRESENT DAY: I sighed resting my head against my desk ,why did Lois choose today out of all the days to visit. I was already having a horrible day,I didn't need my cousin worsening it. "Belle the table isn't going to set itself you know."my mother said knocking on my door. I groaned raising up from my chair and opening the room door."Mom,can't you call Lois and tell her we have an emergency to attend to."I pleaded. "Belle I've told you on so many occasions to have a little more respect for your cousin.That poor girl has never done anything to you,I don't see what your problem is."she argued . I tried not to roll my eyes at that statement. Never done anything to me?Ha! Why don't we go back to primary school where she lied to my teacher that I had hit her with a ruler.Or that time in high school where she told the first guy I ever had a crush on that I had a psychological disorder. Not forgetting the one lie that hurt the most.I had forgiven her for every single lie she told about me except that one lie. I tried not to think about it as it only made me think about him.The one guy that always seemed to annoy me just as much as he gave me butterflies in my stomach whenever he was near --Brent Patterson.I shook the image of him out of my mind.Thinking about him was never a good thing. I sighed."One day you will know the truth mom."I said before shutting my room door and headed down the stairs and straight into the dining room. "There is my beautiful daughter."my father stated as I walked in. I smiled leaning over the table to give him a kiss on his cheeks."Hi dad." My smile widened as I noticed the table was already prepared."You set the table for me didn't you dad."I accused with a grin. He chuckled."I figured you were tired and your mother wouldn't stop complaining so I decided it would be best I ease the stress of both of you." "You're definitely the best dad ever."I commented taking a seat on one of the chairs. "Why do you spoil her so much?"my mom asked walking in. "If I don't spoil her who would hunnie?" Mom shook her head but still managed a smile."I don't know what to say about both of you." We were interupted by the doorbell. I checked my watch,it was exactly eight p.m.That was another thing about my cousin,she was always on time.One of the many things she was better than me at. "Charissa can you let them in."My mom told the maid. "Yes ma'am." I kept my eyes on the floor as I heard footsteps enter the room. "Aunt Lily."I heard Lois's annoying perky voice greet my mother. "Belle aren't you coming to greet your aunt?"Aunt Lilsa ,Lois's mother asked. I forced a smile as I finally drew my gaze away from the floor and looked at her."Hi aunt Lilsa."I greeted her walking over to give her a light kiss on her cheeks. "Belle!"Lois exclaimed as she approached me. "Hi Lois."I said with a lot less enthusiasm than her. "You haven't changed one bit."she said taking a step back to look at me."I see you still have those split ends in you hair and it looks like you still haven't lost that weight."she pointed out. Did she just say that?I was absolutely sure I didn't have any split ends nor did I need to lose any weight.If I did my gym instructor would have told me. I folded my arms over my chest and smiled sweetly."You know you could de-emphasize your nose if you wore something larger.Just a little fashion tip."I said knowing how self conscious she was about her nose.Always complaining about how huge it was ,which wasn't even true,it wasn't that bad. My smile widened when I saw her eyes narrow before she could control her reaction.Lois was the type of girl who didn't like to show how she actually felt,she could be smiling at you and be throwing darts at you in her head at the same time. "Lois don't you have some news for us?"my mom cut in obviously sensing the tension. That brought a smile to her face once again. What exactly did she have to tell us?Whatever it was couldn't be good since she had a huge grin on her face. "Why don't you all have a seat and we can discuss it while having dinner."my dad suggested. I didn't need to be told twice.Whatever 'good' news that Lois had for me would surely impact my life some way or the other.I was sure of it. Being seated when she broke the news was probably a good idea. Lois chose when I was holding the bowl of salad to break the news. "I'm getting engaged!"she exclaimed happily. I paused,holding the salad above my plate.She was getting engaged.Who was the unlucky guy? "I'm so happy for you Lois.Who is the lucky guy?"mom asked. She smiled looking straight at me."Brent Patterson." My eyes widened as the bowl of salad fell from my hands onto the plate shocking everyone. ************************************ Brent's POV: I smiled to myself,today was probably one of the best days of my life.I had finally gotten the courage to propose to Lois and she had actually agreed. I clutched the gun to my chest trying to focus on the mission at hand. "Why do you have that silly grin on your face?"John asked joining me behind the car. "I have some good news to announce tonight my brother."I said patting him on his back. John chuckled."Just try to focus so that I don't have to explain to your sister why I let her brother get shot." "It looks like our guests have arrived."I said as the elevator opened and revealed two middle aged men heading for our direction. I raised up the same time with John."FBI!Freeze!" The men looked our way before they started running off in the other direction. I smiled."It happens everytime."I said before I took off running behind them. It didn't take long for us to catch them and place them in police custody. Within two hours time John and I were on our way home. "So what is that news you have for us?"John asked looking at his phone. "Is Rosella smothering you with her messages again?"I asked. He grinned."I wouldn't have it any other way.Now the news?" I smiled."I'm getting engaged." John's eyes widened before a grin made its way across his face."You finally managed to tell her your feelings didn't you.I knew this would happen eventually."he said as though deep in thought. I chuckled running a hand through my hair ,the other one on the steering wheel."Was I that obvious?" John nodded."It was pretty obvious you had feelings for Belle--" The car came to an abrupt halt. "What's the matter.Is there something on the road?"John demanded already alert. Belle? Out of everyone Belle?The person behind all the misunderstandings behind Luis and I? Have feelings for her?There was no way in hell I had any feelings for her. "Why would you think its Belle?" John's eyes widened as realization dawned on him."It isn't her...Lois?"he asked as if he was afraid to hear the answer. I nodded pulling the car back onto the road. John was silent for a few minutes before he finally spoke again."Congratulations." I pretended not to hear the disappointment in his voice."Thanks man." I took a deep breath as I pulled into the driveway. It was time to tell the family. ........................................................................ The entire room grew silent at my announcement of my engagement with Lois. My mother was the first to speak."Are you sure this is what you want?" I nodded."It's what I want." "Isn't this the same girl who left you three years ago?"Rosella accused. "She left me for a good reason which only happened because of your best friend." "I've told you a million times that Belle didn't---" "Save it Rosella.You and I both know Belle's ways.You don't expect me to believe her over Lois right?" Anyone who knew Belle knew that she could lie with a straight face. "Still I don't think Lois is the right one for you son."my father cut in. "I'm getting married to her with or without your permission."I said in a flat tone. There was complete silence again. "Fine.If that is what you wish then we will prepare an engagement ceremony on Friday."my father replied. I smiled.Friday was only four days away.It was finally happening. ************************************ Belle's POV: It was three days since Lois had broke the news about her engagement and yet I was still in shock. I wasn't even aware that Lois and Brent were seeing each other again. With a long sigh I zipped up my suitcase and pulled it off the bed. If Lois and Brent were getting engaged it shouldn't matter to me.That was their life and had absolutely nothing to do with me. "Belle are you all packed?"my mom called from downstairs. "Yes mom."I shouted dragging my suitcase in frustration. I was thrilled about seeing Rosella again after all this time however I was definitely not happy about seeing Brent again and there was no way I wanted to see Lois and Brent together. Plugging on my headset to my phone I placed the ear piece in my ear,with a quick search under my playlist 'favourites' I choose 'You Belong To Me' by one of my favourite singers,Taylor Swift. I turned up the volume when the song started to play,this was going to be a long trip.I could feel it already...

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