Puzzle 1

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Alan made a small smile to Aldrin who sit beside him. As always, Aldrin just looked at Alan with Sharp eyes. Then Alan laughed. So Mrs. Kahi who was teaching could hear that. Mrs. Kahi gave a Sharp gaze to Alan. But unfortunately, he was Alan. Alan who doesn't afraid to everyone and everything. The boy with dimple in his left cheek just stayed still, Made his body comfortable by leaning back on the chair backrest. For the courtesy to Mrs. Kahi, Alan acted to be focus on his paper test. Anyway, it's not a hard thing for Alan to solve all question test from Mrs. Kahi. Easy. He already finished everything. Actually Alan already finished all the test questions. If he wanted, he could just get out of the class. But he decided to stay in the class room -- playing around with a human but more look alike a statue who sit beside him -- a human being named Aldrin. Alan wanted to make sure that Aldrin did not forget about their promise after school. Alan look at Aldrin again. That boy also finished the test already. Aldrin seemed so mad cause Alan just always tried to make him to non stop. Aldrin knew what make Alan can not let him breathe freely. It's because of their promise after school later. But Aldrin decided not to give attention to Alan. Aldrin raised his hand up. "Maam, I've finished my test." In fact, Aldrin was already so tired from everything's Alan do. That's why While Alan wanted to stay here, so Aldrin Will come out. Of course the aim is for making him self away from Alan. Mrs. Kahi took Aldrin's test paper. "You can get out of the room, please, Aldrin." Alan could not accept this. Because of Aldrin did not care of his words. He jus got out of the class room. Alan gave his paper test to Mrs. Kahi as soon as possible. He ran as fast as possible to get Aldrin. "Aldrin, I know you hear me." Alan let out a little Scream. Aldrin looked at him then. He was mad because Alan followed him. "What a h*ll are you doing? Don ' t try to talk to me anymore." "What a h * ll are you asking? You ' re forgeting our appoinment after school?" "How a h * ll am I forgeting that? I ' m afraid you ' re the one who do that instead." Alan Laughed then. "Well ... see you there, My Dear. Make sure you ' ll come." "Actually I ' m the one who gotta say that, Dear." After saying those words, Aldrin walked by Alan, left Alan alone in that coridor. Alan smirked, sweared in the heart to Aldrin. He didn ' t want to start everything here. Alan also continued his steps, look for something ' s fun to do. *** "Where were you all this day? I was looking for you everywhere, but you ' re just nowhere!" Gewa stopped Alan by her words. That tall and beautiful sexy girl felt so mad to her boyfriend. Alan looked at her. He surprised after seeing his girlfriend suddenly appeared. "Woah ... you ' re here, Baby?" Alan tried to give his best smile. Then his dimple in his cheek appeared. "I ' ve been here for super long time, waiting for you. Do you forget that you asked me to wait here, then you promised to send me home!" Gewa could not believe that Alan broke his promises more and more. And his reasons were always forget. Alan forced his brain to think. Actually he did not forget. Since he Made that promise him self. But he unfortunately forcefully he got to broke them again and again. But he promised him self, that this Will be the last time he did them. Gewa was also a student of this High school. But she sit on different class with Alan and Aldrin. Actually she thought that she was just the most unfortunate girlfriend in this world. Because she had a super forgetful boyfriend. She whised that her thought was wrong this time. She hoped Alan would remember. No ... It ' s not because Alan was not happy by meeting his own girlfriend. But he just got to break his promise one more time. Because he had to accomplish his appoinment with Aldrin. "Come on ... I have to go home soon. Mom needs me to help her baking cake. She got a lot of orders today." Gewa waited for Alan to say yes. But her boyfriend just stayed still and kept silence. Gewa just really was sure. Bingo! Yes, Alan broke his promise again. Alan grabed Gewa ' s shoulders softly, and looked her in the eyes. "Gewa ... I ' m so sorry. But I can ' t send you home today. Because I have a really important appoinment to do. But I promise, this Will be the last time I ' m breaking my own promise. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the saya after, I Will send you home every day. And I won ' t ever break my promise anymore." Gewa rolled her eyes. "You just Made one more promise, just right after you broke your latest one? Are you kidding me?" Gewa seemed really disappointed. "I really promise you this time. Please forgive me. I know I was wrong. I won ' t do the same mistake anymore in the future. I hope you understand." "Well, just leave me alone. I can ' t trust a big fat liar like you any other more." Gewa put her hands up. It explained that she was tired already of those fake promises. She Turned around, get realy to leave Alan alone. "Hey ...." But Alan grabed her wrist one more time. He see through her eyes just like before. "Please listen to me. I really Mean it this time. This promise ia real. I Will never break my promise anymore in the future. You can trust me. You can count on me." Gewa didn ' t want to believe him. But those eyes ... Gewa Saw it through his eyes. He looked alike really Mean it this time. Gewa hated her self that she was really weak about something like this. "Well then," said Gewa. "Okay, I choose to believe in you again this time. I choose to trust you one more time. But ... if you once break those promises again, I won ' t ever believe in you any other more. And in that time, I Will not be your girlfriend anymore. We ' re done!" Alan grabed Gewa ' s hand, then give a little kiss on the back part of her hand. "Okay. I see. Thank you for trusting me. I love you, Baby." "I love you too." Alan then tool his motor bike, then send Gewa to the bus stop. "Gewa, I ' m leaving now. I have to go accomplishing my appoinment right now." "Okay, you can ' t go then." "Yes, I Will. Take care, Baby." "You too, take care." Gewa actually really wanted to know what was Alan ' s business. But of she Asked, she know that Alan won ' t be honest to her. So she choosed to keep silent. She waited bus there with some other student. But her brain still being filled by Alan, thinking about what Alan was doing there. ***  To be continued
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