Puzzle 2

1020 Words
Gewa felt uneasy when she Saw Aldrin suddenly appeared with his motor bike. They were bestfriend in their childhood. But everything ' s changed after they grew up. It ' s because Aldrin ever Made a confession about his feeling to Gewa. Yeah, Aldrin loved Gewa. And his love never been gone yet. He still loved her until then. But Gewa who just love Aldrin as a friend, choosed to make a distance from Aldrin. After Gewa was being Alan ' s girlfriend, she became having a hate feeling to Aldrin. Yeah, of course it ' s because Alan said something bad about Aldrin. He always tried to make Gewa hate Aldrin, just like he did. Gewa then realized. Maybe Alan ' s business right now is related to Aldrin? Gewa was really curious. Aldrin suddenly talked to Gewa from his motor bike. "I can send you home, of you ' re not having any objection." Gewa shooked her head. "No, I Will just take the bus." Gewa said it coldly. "I know you Don ' t like to be on crowd. Whereas in the bus would be so crowded by so many students. And you Will stand up. Your house ia kinda far. You Will be tired. And the bus ... there ia no guarantee that they Will come soon. Aunt Nana Will be so worried of you ' re not coming home on time." Aldrin exlained all reasons why Gewa should just accept his over. Gewa suddenly remember that she had to go home soon. Because she got to help her mother baking cake. But she didn ' t want Aldrin to send her home. Gewa was afraid that Alan Would know about this. Alan would be really mad. "Anyway where is your boyfriend?" Aldrin asked. "How can a boyfriend let his girlfriend go home riding bus. Why don ' t he send you home?" Aldrin looked so mad because Alan didn ' t take care of Gewa as much as he did. "He has an important business. Don ' t talk bad about Alan." Gewa still tried to defend Alan. Aldrin smirked. "What kind of business that more important than sending his girlfriend home first, but he just let you ride bus to go home. He doesn ' t really love you anyway." Aldrin explained what he thought. Aldrin replied with his whole hate heart to Alan. He wanted Gewa to realize that Alan was not good enough for her. "I said to you one more time. Don ' t ever talk bad about Alan!" Gewa defended Alan one more time.  Gewa still tried to defend Alan, even though she knew that Alan was wrong. And it Made Aldrin super jealouse.  "Okay then." Aldrin decided to shut his mouth. He thought it ' s enough. He was sure that Gewa already understand. She was just still under Denial.  Suddenly Gewa ' s phone was ringing. Gewa took her phone from her pocket. It ' s her Mom, Nana, who was calling. Oh God, Nana must be asking why Gewa didn ' t come home yet.  "Hello, Mom." "Baby, why don ' t you come home yet? Please hurry, the deadline is coming really soon."  "I ' m really sorry, Mom. Okay, I Will come home soon. I Will help you finish all the orders. Don ' t worry."  "Okay. I ' m waiting for you, Hon."  "Come on, get on my bike." Gewa was still doubt. But because she really needed the ride, si she just get on the motor bike. But she tried not to touch Alrin at all. Aldrin was just trying to understand Gewa ' s position. "Are you ready?" Aldrin wanted to make sure that Gewa was ready to ride. "Yes." Gewa just replied with a word. But that ' s not a problem for Aldrin. Then Aldrin ride his motor bike with a normal speed. *** "You ' re late by an hour, Aldrin." Alan looked really mad. He Saw Aldrin with Sharp gaze, like it would give wound to Aldrin ' s body from head to toe. Alan sit on an old chair. This old basemen had a smell of dirtiness and dullness. And the air inside was really moist. It Made everyone who wes inside that room can not breathe easily. Yeah, it was the place that they choosed to get the appoinment. "Oops ... sorry, Dude. It ' s because Aunt Nana asked me to eat some cake first before I go. I can not Deny that over. I sit there a While and eat cake yummy. That ' s I came late by an hour. I hope you ' re not too boring in waiting for me. Poor you. You know Aunt Nana right?" Aldrin said those words in purpose. He wanted Alan know that he was late because he send Gewa home first, before going here to accomplish their appoinment. Yes, of course. Alan ' s madness became worse then. Of course Alan knew who is Aunt Nana that Aldrin talked about. She ' s Gewa ' s mother. Mrs. Nana was always cold to him. But why did she become so kind to Aldrin. Whereas her daughter ' s boyfriend was Alan, not Aldrin?  Alan was really mad. He even choosed to let Gewa go home by bus only to accomplish this appoinment. But Aldrin choosed to send his girlfriend home first before going here. How could he do that? How dare him do that? Alan got up from the chair. He walked to Aldrin. "Are you done telling those stories?" Alan was playing sarcasm. "Why? It ' s looking alike you Don ' t like my stories. I think that story ia great. A brilliant story plot." Aldrin Made a backfire with another sarcasm. That ' s the ugliest story I ' be ever heard in my life. Okay, if you don ' t want to start this yet, so I Will start it first." Alan then get his right hand to the air, preparing to set a punch to Aldrin. *** T B C 
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