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The New Year was fast approaching, and I hadn’t seen the girls who had so quickly become my best friends since we came home for the holidays. I missed them dearly. We had only met a few short months prior, but those months changed our lives. Noah, Amber, Jordan, Maia, and I had all competed for the X-Factor separately, but had been put together as a group. From the moment we sat down together as a group, we were inseparable. Competing together every week was, in my opinion, better than competing alone. While we only placed third in the competition, one of the judges chose to sign us onto his label regardless. We didn’t know yet when we were starting, though that did give us enough time to spend time with our families. While I loved spending time with my family, it was time to see my new family. I decided to send out a tweet, inviting them over to my place, with my parents’ approval, of course. “Hey girls! New Year’s at my place?” I sent out. “Yes! I’m so excited to see you, Charlie, I miss you!” Noah replied instantly, bringing a smile to my face. New Year’s Eve rolled around the corner. The girls came by around 7, just in time for karaoke. My six-year-old sister, Clarke, was eager to join us. Together, we all took turns singing our hearts out. Well, for the most part, Clarke, Jordan, and Maia sang their hearts out while Amber took pictures. Noah sat on my couch, my head in her lap, stroking my hair while absentmindedly staring at her phone. I laid there, taking in the moment. “Oh. My. God.” Noah spoke up as Clarke and Jordan finished a song. “What’s up?” I sat up. “Guess who just tweeted us.” “Who?” Maia perked up. “Rudy!” she exclaimed. Rudy was one of the members of the most popular boy band in the world. He, along with Erys, Quinn, Hakim, and Gavyn, had also been put together on the British X-Factor and ranked third place. They were my idols, and now I was in a similar situation as them. Their story filled me with hope that ours could be similar. “What did he say? What did he say?” I shrieked. Noah laughed at my reaction before reading out in a British accent, "Hey girls, heard you girls got signed by the same label as us, congrats! Welcome to the family! The boys and I were wondering if you wanted to come to England and write a few songs with us! We'll pay for everything you girls need. Lots of love, Rudy. xx" "Oh my sweet Jesus!" I shrieked, "I think I'm going to cry!" Maia, already in tears, said, "Y'all we've got to go! This is going to be the experience of our lives!" Everyone was freaking out, even Clarke. Maia was right. Going to another continent, writing, and hopefully even producing, songs with my idols! What more could I ever want or need in life? The only thing I could manage to say through my tears of joy was, "Let's celebrate with nachos!" which made the other six people in the room laugh.
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