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Receiving that tweet from Rudy made everyone's night. Although, the nachos we had were a close second; they were so good. Charlie had invited us all to sleepover that night, but Maia, Amber, and Jordan had to go home. Thankfully, since I lived so close to Charlie, I was able to stay over. We went to her room after our other three best friends left. In order to get home at a reasonable hour, the girls left right as the clock struck in the new year. This new year was going to be filled with so many phenomenal opportunities. After the few months we’d had on X-Factor, I knew that my life from this point forward would feel surreal. Already, with this incredible offer to go to England, I couldn’t believe that this was my real life. "Let's eat some chips and go on twitter and tumblr!" Charlie pulled me out of my thoughts as she jumped onto her queen sized bed. I climbed up and sat beside her, putting my arms around her shoulders. She rested her forehead on mine. Out of all of the girls, Charlie and I had always been the closest. I couldn’t name it, but something about us just clicked the moment we laid eyes on each other. While we were all best friends, everyone secretly knew Charlie and I were the closest. Our friendship was intimate.  It was unlike any friendship I’d ever had before. We had a great time that night, as we always do. We took so many funny pictures together and posted them online. Our fans were absolutely living for the pictures, gaining thousands of likes within minutes. As we watched the comments section grow, we cuddled, talking openly about our upcoming trip.  "Charlie, what if one of us can't go?" I asked. She looked confused. "What do you mean? Of course all five of us will be able to go," she stated. "How do you know that? Besides for Maia, who’s twenty one and can do what she wants, we’re all sixteen and seventeen. Our parents can say no." I was beginning to stress out. "There’s no need to worry! Come on, let's dance awkwardly with no music on to free your mind. It works wonders, I swear." Charlie took my hand and got me off the bed. She started to dance, which made me laugh. She was so silly, it was adorable. I danced with her, trying to take her advice and stop worrying. When we finally noticed the time, we realized it would be a good idea to try to get some sleep. The two of us shared the same bed. At first, I thought I wasn't going to get any sleep, but having my best friend sleeping without a worry beside me, I just drifted off into a dreamless slumber. I awoke the next morning to a huge thud. I jumped up at the noise, but nothing seemed wrong. I realized Charlie wasn't in the bed. Her head popped up beside the bed a moment later. "Are you alright, boo?" I asked, concerned. "Yup, just tripped on the computer," she smiled, making me giggle as I helped her up. Leaving that morning to go home was hard, even though I lived right around the corner. I wasn't sure when I'd see Charlie again. Although, if we actually were able to go to England, I knew I'd see all of my friends soon. Once I got home, I went straight to see my dad to ask about going to England. I explained everything quickly and excitedly, and then asked the big question of whether or not I could go. My dad seemed to consider this carefully before he finally replied, "I'll have to talk to your mother about this, but I don't see why you can't go." His response overjoyed me. I couldn't believe that I had actually been given, and been allowed to take, the opportunity of a lifetime. I couldn’t stop gushing about it to anyone who even somewhat looked like they were listening.  Before I could truly process what would happen next, Charlie, Joran, Maia, Amber, and I were standing in the airport, boarding a plane as we waved to our parents.
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