Chapter One

372 Words
    "Please, guys, it would be nice to figure out the layout of this school before we got there." My brothers careless attitudes were even more obvious than my agitation as I tapped my pen against my lips and stared down at the map in front of me.     "Come on, Ellie, there is no reason to be so jittery. I am sure we will figure our way around once we get there." Godric smiled over at me through a mouthful of pancakes, completely ignoring my eye roll.      "You really do worry too much." Nicolai nudged my shoulder and I huffed out a sigh.      I tapped the map with the back of my pen, it was already littered with colored x's. "This place is huge, it's way bigger than Saint Mary and you remember my first day there."                                                                               Barnaul, Russia 2014      "Miss, what are you doing in here?" My cheeks flushed at the mans question. How was I supposed to explain that I was too afraid to leave this broom closet once I walked into it. What if someone laughed at me? "Miss, you should not be in here."       "My apologies, sir. I seem to be very turned around." I tucked my ash blonde hair behind my ear and tried to lift my eyes from the ground, no success. "I.. I was looking for my classroom and I don't have any idea where I am.." A tear slipped from my eye with a sniffle and the man before me sighed.      "Come on, let us get you to class. Everything will be fine." He led me out of the closet and shut the door behind me.                                                                                      Present Day      Godric chuckled and I threw my pen at him. I wasn't nearly as timid as I used to be but the anxiety of getting lost in an unfamiliar place lingered.      "If you children are done, we are going to be late if we do not leave now." Nicolai stood as he spoke, shoving books into his light grey messenger bag.       Godric hopped up and shoved him in the shoulder. "We are same age, zhopa." He beamed his hundred watt smile at Nic.      "Language, boys." I stepped up next to them and smiled to myself, we look good.
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