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Sean's POV " SEAN KILLIAN ECTERA !!!" yelled my mother. I could tell by her tone I was about to be in major trouble but I didn't know what for. I swear if Kale or Parker did something stupid and blamed me for it then I would murder one of them. Sadly if that were to happen Ma or Pop would make me regret it. I learned long ago never to piss of my mother she was more scary than Pop. I heard her yell again and got out of bed to see what she was yelling about.I found her a few minutes later out on the patio sitting with Beta Ashton, Pop, and Alpha Orin. I smiled when I saw Alpha Orin, " Uncle Orin what the hell you doing here?" My mother cut me a look for cussing, " SEAN KILLIAN ECTERA! I didn't know go through hell just to bring you into the world!" I placed a kiss on my mother's head and apologized. I turned toward Orin and gave him a hug. He stepped away, " God Cha Cha he has grown up fast. He looks just like his father but with your eyes." My mother growled at Uncle Orin, " O TAKE IT BACK! And stop calling me Cha Cha I have told you this since you came up with the name." Ashton and I were laughing. My mother would always tell me I could look like my father just never be like him when he was my age. My father would always tell me that I needed to be like my mother. I liked to think I had a bit of both in me. After I turned 18 I asked my parents how they met and what their story was. They never told me and when I asked about their story with anyone I got told to leave the past alone. I looked down at my mother, " Why did you summon me Ma?" She starred up at me, " Sean you are to take Gamma Romn and a few Warriors of your choosing to the Blue Moon Pack and help them train." I stared at her like she had grown a second head. I looked back at my Uncle Orin, " To train? What has happened?" Alpha Orin sighed, " We have been having issues with Rogues getting through our border. Our newest warriors are cocky as f**k and don't really listen to my Gamma. Hell they are even back talking my Beta. Instead of punishing them I want them to see what it take to be the strongest pack in the area." I smiled. We were only strong because my Pops, Ashton, and Romn made us train since we were 6 years old and busted our asses if we slacked off. I nodded, " Well s**t yeah no problem. When do we leave out." My mother shot me another look and Ashton laughed the coughed to cover his laugh. My mother cut her eyes at Ashton who then stopped laughing. Orin then started to laugh, ' Well before your mother murders you for your choice in words we will leave first thing. Plus I know your dad would have some words for me if you left before he came home." I could understand that. My parents were protective of me and my siblings. Every year on our birthday's we are taken to the Moon Goddess's Temple to celebrate or if Ma gets a strange feeling. Here lately Jewel had been begging Pops to take her and Pops could never say no to her. They were suppose to be back tonight. After spending time with my family I went to the training field to speak with Gamma Romn and see what warriors we would take with us to help train. I wonder if going to the Blue Moon Pack would help solve an issue for me.  The issue of being mateless.
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