The Big Guns

342 Words
Storm's POV Up. Down. Up. Down. Only 10 morwe push ups to go then I could go take a shower and then fall into my bed. You would think that being the Gamma's daughter that you would only train with everyone else but NOOOOOO my father believed in staying in shape and strong. I finished up my set and then hopped off the floor. My father and Beta Alec were walking into the GYM my father had built when i was 10. I bowed my head to Beta Alec, " Beta, it is good to see you." Alec smiled, " Oh Stormbender don't be so formal. I have seen you in diapers." I giggled at that. Alec was like family to me. I looked at my father, " So our the wannabe warriors still being little shits?" My Father Gamma Richard laughed, " You could say that. Alpha Orin has called in the big guns to come help." Alec snickered, " s**t if he was calling in the big guns Junior would be here." I giggled again as Aelc used his nickname for Luna Charlie. There was a rumor that the reason The Waning Moon Pack was become Luna Charlie and Alpha Killian refused any disrespect or anyone to slack off. I grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat from my face, " So no Luna Charlie or Alpha Killian. So who is this BIg Gun that he went to get to help?" Alec answered before my father could, " We are getting some one our warriors will listen to or else they will dael with his mother. We are getting the only person Junior has never beaten." OH MY GODDESS. If Luna Charlie never beat him then he must be good. Alec finished saying, " We are getting a male who has my respect and love. A wolf who is strong, fast, and feared. We are getting the soon to be Alpha of the Waning Moon Pack, my eldest nephew Sean." I dropped my towel on the floor.  NO f*****g WAY!
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