The Chase Is On

447 Words
Sean's POV After saying goodbye to my parents and siblings Romn, myself, and 2 of our best warriors were now following Alpha Orin to his pack. Romn started to laugh once we passed our borders, "Sean do you kow terrifying your mother is?" I looked at him confused, " I know she can be scary but what do you mean?" Romn was looking out of the windshield, " Once upon a time little man, s**t went down and after you were born you mother swore never to be weak again. So she was trained by the Moon Goddess herself. You were probably like 3 when we were attack by rogues and before you father Alpha Killian could get pack to the house your mother had ripped the rogues to shreds. You would think that it was only 2 rogues but no your mother took down 8 wolves in a handful of minutes. Your mother is quite feared by other packs. Your mother is one hell of a Luna and I would lay my life on the line for her." I knew my mother was a badass but I never knew she was trained my the Moon Goddess. I looked out the window wondering what else I din't know about my parents. They were also so secertive about certain things. We made it to the Blue Moon Pack within 2 hours. I jumped out of the SUV and started to stretch.I stood up when I scent a cranky old wolf who hollered, " Half Pint1" I whipped my head around to seen my Uncle Alec. ONce he was close enough he pulled me into a bear hug, " Uncle Alec, you know I am now the same size as you." We laughed pulling away from each other. He clapped me on the shoulder, " It is good to see you boy." " It is good to see you too Old Man." He laughed at that. Alec decided he should be the one to give us a tour of their pack land. We were coming up on the training area when I saw a beautiful pale white wolf. I stopped in my tracks when I saw the white wolf take on a dark brown wolf. The white wolf easily pinned the dark brown wolf. I walked closer to th field and then the scent hit me. I smelled a rich carmel scent. It was coming from the white wolf. MATE!!!! I felt my Wolf Spirit stir and I shift right there. I dashed toward the white wolf.  When she looked toward me she growled and went to run away. If my mate wanted a chase she would get one.
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