Chapter 1

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(Suriel) I groan softly as I get out of the makeshift bed. I fold the sheet and place it on top of my makeshift pillow. The sheet that I use has more holes than a Swiss cheese. I grab my towel along with my baggy pants and t-shirt and go to the bathroom. I undress and quickly get in the shower. I whimper as the cold water touches my skin. Oh, where are my manners? Let me introduce myself. My name is Suriel Martinez. I’m eighteen years old and I’m the pack slave. I wasn’t always a pack slave. When I was six years old, I lived here with my mother like every normal pack member. My dad died before I was born. Although I have never seen his grave, I always pray that he watches over me. I’m a werewolf and my wolf’s name is Sky. Sky is very smart, sweet, and outgoing. She taught me how to hide my scent because if the Alpha or the other pack members, which I call them my bullies and tormentors, knew I had a wolf, my punishments would be worse than what they are now. They made me their slave and have been beating me since I was six because of the vampire attack, where my mother and the Luna both died. According to them, it was my fault that my mom and Luna were killed. You’re probably asking yourself why do I stay here if I’m going through hell? Well, ever since I got my wolf, I’ve been having this dream or vision that I would find my mate here. Though I had looked around and not found my mate, my wolf assured me that we would find our mate soon. I don’t ask much of my mate. All I ask is that he loves me as much as I will. I sighed, turning off the shower. I quickly dry myself and get dressed. I walk out of the shower, squeaking when I see a figure standing by the window. Did I stay too long in the shower? Am I going to be punished? I sigh in relief when the figure turns around and I see it’s the female Gamma Coral. She doesn’t blame me for what happened in the past. In fact, her husband, Gamma Jyles and their son, the soon to be Gamma Ethan, don’t blame me. They always made sure I knew it was an accident. That we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. “Good morning, dear. How are you feeling this morning?” Gamma Coral asks. “Good morning, Gamma-” I groaned in pain when she placed her hand on my back. She quickly drew her hand back gesturing for me to turn around and I did as she asked. She lifted up my shirt and gasped when she saw my back. “What happened to you, honey?” she was not here yesterday and since everyone thinks I don’t have a wolf, I can’t heal myself. “The Alpha broke the wooden broom on my back” I admitted. I can’t lie to her or her family. Ever since everything started, they have been the ones to take care of my wounds, making sure I eat something and trying to find evidence that it wasn’t my fault in what happened to my mother and the Luna. I saw her eyes glaze over and I knew she was mind linking someone. Not long after, there was a soft knock on my door and Gamma Jyles came in with the first-aid kit. Their son, Gamma Ethan, had a plate of food in his hand. “Good morning, Suriel” Gamma Ethan smiled at me. “Good morning, Gamma Jyles, Ga- Ethan”, I corrected myself when Ethan gave me a hard look. He doesn’t like it when I call him Gamma Ethan. Ever since we were little, he has asked me to call him Ethan. I knew what was coming and I needed to sit on the floor as Gamma Coral asked her husband to hold up the back of my shirt. Ethan sat in front of me handing me the plate of food. “Thank you. How was your day yesterday?” I asked, trying to forget about what they were doing to my back. “We went to the Blue Moon Pack”, Ethan started, “and... I found her Suriel. I finally found her”, Ethan beams. He has been trying to find his mate ever since he got his wolf. I’m so happy he finally found her. But I can't help but wonder if his mate would let him continue to be my friend. “I’m happy for you, Ethan. Where is she? What’s her name?” I asked Ethan. “She’s in Alpha school. Her name is Daisy” he smiled proudly. “So, how do you know you’ve found her?” I asked, confused. “When we went to the Blue Moon Pack house, I saw a picture of her. My wolf quickly knew she was our mate. Then I picked up her scent which led me to her room, the Alpha told me she was in Alpha school and that she would be back this week”, he explained enthusiastically. “That’s great, Ethan. You deserve to be happy”, I admitted with a soft smile. “So do you, Suriel. I know you will be happy one day”. Ethan kissed my forehead. Ever since I knew Ethan, I wished he were my mate, but when I got my wolf, I realized he was not my mate, which saddened me, but I prayed that he would be happy with someone who deserves him because he has a big heart. He helps and cares about people. When I first met Ethan, he was about eight and I was six. He’s father was the soon to be Alpha of his small pack, but his father, Alpha John Knight, didn’t want his son, Jyles, to be mated to an Omega, so Ethan's father, Jyles, left his old pack and title behind and came to this pack as a regular pack member, but when the Gamma of this pack was killed in a rogue attack Jyles talked to the Alpha about wanting to be the next Gamma. When the Alpha agreed, Jyles worked his ass off to become the Gamma of this pack. I can tell he has Alpha blood running through his veins. My wolf and I feel it. “We promised your mom that we would protect you and I’m sorry we haven’t been doing that, but once we find enough evidence, I promise we will make it up to you, kiddo” Gamma Jyles said. “You guys have done more than enough. You can’t go against your Alpha”, I told them. ‘Tell them. I trust them’ Sky says. I look at the clock on my wall before looking back at the Gammas. Sky has been wanting me to tell them that I got my wolf. I have been hesitant, but she trusts them and after everything they have done for me, I also trust them. “I have something I need to tell you” I said. I heightened my senses, making sure there was no one outside my door. When I felt the coast was clear I looked back at them. “I... I have my wolf. I’ve had her since I was thirteen”, I admitted. Their eyes widened and their mouths were agape. “Why didn’t you say anything before? Why can’t we smell her?” Ethan whisper yelled. I could see the hurt in his eyes that I hid this from him. “I have been hiding my scent. I didn’t tell you because…” I trailed off. “You were afraid we were going to turn out like the others” Coral finished my sentence, making me nod guilty. “But I realized that after all these years of you taking care of me the best you could, I was stupid in not trusting you with my secret”, I admitted shamelessly. “We don’t blame you, sweetheart,” Jyles said. “Y-you don’t?” I asked in disbelief. “No, we understand very well” Coral says. “But why aren’t you healing if you have your wolf?” Ethan asks. “If I heal then they will know, and my punishment will be worse” I told them, and they nodded in agreement. “You’re doing great, Suriel. Now eat and I’ll go get breakfast started”, Coral said. “What’s her name?” Ethan asked. “Sky”, the three of them smiled. “What does she look like?” Jyles asked. “Last time I shifted I saw she was black on my paws, but I couldn’t see anything else” I admitted. “Hmm” Ethan said. Everyone was quiet for a few seconds before Ethan broke the silence. “I have an idea. How about we go tomorrow to visit my mate's pack and take Suriel with us? She can shift and have her first run with us”, Ethan said. I could see Sky wagging her tail at this. “Sounds good. I will talk to the Alpha and tell him that we need someone to cook and clean for us. Though you won’t be doing any of that”, Jyles said. “Perfect! Now eat” Coral said, and I did as I was told. During the rest of the day, I did all my chores and made sure I kept my head down, trying not to get beaten today. I have just finished dinner and now I’m cleaning the kitchen while the Omegas are eating. Yes, even the Omegas treat me like s**t, especially Veronica. She’s the Alpha’s personal Omega... if you know what I mean, “Slave, more juice. Now”, Veronica orders. I didn’t say a word, just got the juice and filled her cup. “Two cubes of ice as well” she ordered. I go to the freezer and get the ice. I placed one ice cube and then the other before heading back to the freezer, but before I could get to the freezer there was a high-pitched scream. I turned to look at Veronica. She’s standing up and her top is wet. The Alpha rushes to the kitchen as Veronica starts to cry. “What in the world is going on here?” the Alpha's voice booms. “She dropped the juice on my new top”, Veronica says. I looked up to see she was pointing at me. “Did you do this, slave?” the Alpha asks, pointing to Veronica's top. I stay quiet because I know no matter what I say the beating will still come. “Answer me” he commands in his Alpha voice, but his command has never had an effect on me. In fact, no one’s command has ever had an effect on me. I kept my mouth close and just looked at Veronica, who had a smirk on her face. The Alpha grabs a fist full of hair and starts to drag me to the basement. “You’re lucky I won’t beat you today since my Gamma needs you tomorrow and then, when you get back, you'll fix everything for my son’s arrival with his fiancé. Then I will deal with you” he growled menacingly in my ear before throwing me in one of the cells. I whimper when my knees hit the floor. I hear the lock from the cell, and I know I will be spending the night here. The Alpha leaves and I go to the corner and sit down. I brought my knees up to my chest. ‘Moon goddess. If I have a mate, please let me find him soon. I need to get out of this place’, I said in my mind. I don’t know how long it passed but I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. A couple of seconds later, Ethan was standing in front of my cell. “Come on. Everyone has gone to bed” he whispered. “But what if they come down and I’m not here?” I asked in a whisper. “Dad told the Alpha we would be leaving early in the morning before the others wake up, so he wouldn’t notice”. Ethan unlocked the cell and helped me up. “Mom gave me some pajamas for you to wear. They are in my room. You will sleep in the bed, and I will sleep on the sofa” he said. I opened my mouth to decline but quickly shut it when I saw the look he gave me. When we arrived in his room, he grabbed my clothes and guided me to his shower, leaving after turning the water on. I undressed and got in the shower. I used Ethan’s body wash and a new razor he had. Once I finished washing my hair, shaving, and washing my body, I went out. I dried myself and got dressed. When I got out, I saw Ethan waiting for me with the first aid kit and there was a plate of food too. “Mom is sleeping so I will be the one to check your wounds on your back”. I turned around, getting ready to sit on the floor, when I heard a low growl. I turned to look at Ethan. “On the bed, lay down on your stomach” the way he said it, it made me shudder and my wolf too. I nodded, turning around. I pulled up my shirt and laid on my stomach. He began to clean my wounds before putting triple antibiotics on them. “Your wounds are closing already but you still have the bruises on your back” he said. I had to bite my lip hard to stop the stupid noises that wanted to come out of my mouth every time he touched my back gently. He had already found his mate and I knew I had to stop my stupid childhood crush. Hell, I should’ve stopped it when I found out he wasn’t my mate. “All done” he said. I stood pulling my shirt down. I turned to look at Ethan, who had a smile on his face while holding a plate of food. “Thank you” I smiled as I sat on the sofa and began to eat. My wounds weren’t completely closed yet but they were almost there, and I couldn’t stop moving every time the t-shirt touched my wounds. “ is the shirt bothering you?” Ethan asked. He knew that when I got beaten, I would sleep without a shirt. I nodded, taking a sip of my Gatorade. “Then take it off. You’re with me. No one is going to hurt you. I promise” he said, taking my now empty plate. I could feel the heat making its way up my neck to my cheeks. Ethan chuckled. “It’s not like I have never seen you naked” he chuckled again. It was true, but that was when I first got my wolf. It was my first shift and I had to get away from everyone so no one would hear me scream. I tore my clothes, and I was too weak to get back. Ethan found me and took me back to my room and dressed me. He never asked why I was naked, but he did ask if someone abused me, and I replied 'no'. “I know. You found me right after I shifted” I replied truthfully, turning even more red at the thought of him seeing me naked. Ethan smirked, helping me up. “Like I said. I’m the only one here and no one is going to hurt you. I won’t even look”, he winked at me, then turned off the light. With the help of my wolf, I could see he had turned the other way. So, I took off my shirt and got on the bed, lying on my stomach. ***
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