Chapter 2

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(Suriel) “Mommy, mommy look at me” I squealed when Damien jumped out from behind a tree. Mom and the Luna laughed as I chased Damien around, but stopped when I heard mom and the Luna calling us. I looked back and I could see the other grownups grabbing their pups. “Run, get back to the pack house” the Luna commanded. “I’m not leaving you” mom said. “Our pups need to be safe” the Luna told her. “Coral, take our pups back to the-” “Mommy no” I shouted. “You need to be brave, my daughter. I need you safe. We all need you safe” mom said. I shook my head furiously. The Luna kneeled in front of me holding Damien’s hand. “Damien, you need to always protect Suriel, no matter what” Damien shook his head. “Let’s go back mom, we can all make it” Damien said. “It’s too late son” the Luna sadly said. “I promise I will protect her, Claudia. With my life”, Ethan said to my mom. Mom smiled at him, kissing his forehead. “She’s special, Ethan. She's incredibly special”, mom whispered to him. "One day, you will know the truth and I hope you can forgive me", she kissed my cheek and looked at Ethan. Ethan nodded grabbing my hand. Coral grabbed my other hand. Pale men began to appear surrounding mom and the Luna. They shifted to their wolves. I heard snarls, growls and whimpers. “MOM, LUNA” I screamed as I got loose from Coral’s hold. Mom and the Luna turned towards me only for two pale males to rip their throats in front of my eyes. I could feel the thundering of paws coming our way. “NOOO! MOM” I screamed as my mom’s wolf fell to the ground with a thud before shifting back to her human form. I fell to my knees sobbing. I felt someone looking at me. I looked up to the top of a cliff to see a man with red eyes looking at me. I could also see the sick evil smile on his face. “This is your fault. My mom is dead because of you”, Damien shouted before slapping me. *** I felt someone shaking me. I quickly opened my eyes to see beautiful golden eyes looking back at me. Ethan. “E-Ethan” I sobbed. Ethan pulled me to his chest. “It’s okay, baby girl. It was just a nightmare. It was only a nightmare” he coos. He holds me until my sobs quiet down. He pulls me back gently and wipes my tears. His eyes go to my chest, and I realize I’m topless, but what happens next shocks us both. I kissed Ethan. My first kiss ever. Ethan is stiff at first, but soon begins to kiss me back. His hand went to my hair, gently pulling it back, which made me gasp. He took that chance to thrust his tongue in my mouth, exploring every single space. Soon we pull apart as he places his forehead on mine. Then I realized what I had just done. He had just found his mate and I kissed him. Part of me felt guilty, but the other part of me didn't and wanted more. “E-Ethan I’m sorry” I whispered. “I’m sorry too”, I closed my eyes as I heard his words. For some reason they sounded pained. I felt him kiss my forehead before kissing my eyes. “You should rest. You have an exciting day tomorrow” I heard him say, but I couldn’t sleep. Not after my dream and what happened. I couldn’t lose Ethan. He has been so good to me and so have been his parents. “I don’t want to lose you” I whispered. “You will never loose me, Suriel. I promise” he promised. “What was your nightmare about?” Ethan asked. I told him about my nightmare and the man with the red eyes. It was not the first time I had had this nightmare, because it was from my past. I remembered the man with the red eyes when all this happened, but this is the first time I dreamed of him. “I remember you said this when you were little. Have you ever seen this man before?” Ethan asks. “No” I said, putting my t-shirt back on. I realized that during my nightmare Sky had healed my wounds and half of my bruises. “I’ll tell mom and dad when we leave tomorrow” he said. I felt bad for kissing him knowing he had found his mate. As if knowing what I was thinking, he cupped my chin, “don’t worry about what just happened. I don’t regret it. I just wished it would’ve happened before I found her.” I nodded, not knowing what to say. My wolf whimpered in my head as I laid down. Ethan stood up and when he did, fear took over me. I grabbed his hand. “Please… stay”, without a second thought he climbed into the bed, pulling me towards him. My wolf purred at this. Why is she acting like this when Ethan is not our mate? “Did you just... purr?” Ethan asked with a chuckle. I blushed, hiding my face in his chest. ‘Sky?’ ‘Yes?’ ‘Are you okay?’ I asked her. ‘I’m fine. I just feel an incredible connection between Ethan and his wolf, Alister’ she said. ‘But he found his mate’ I reminded her. ‘I know’. After that, she was quiet. I couldn’t go back to sleep. When I looked at the clock, I saw it was 4am. I sighed, getting up from the bed, making sure I didn’t wake Ethan up. I go to his bathroom to do my morning routine and take a shower to get his scent off. I don’t want anyone thinking anything bad, especially now that he has found his mate. After my shower, I quickly got dressed in black leggings, a light blue tank top, and black sneakers. I braid my hair and walked out of the bathroom, only to see Ethan awake. As soon as I stepped out, he was in front of me. His golden eyes were flashing between gold and black rapidly and I knew Alister was close to surfacing. Ethan pulls me in for a hug before looking at me up and down. I knew he was making sure I was okay. “I’m okay. I was just trying to get your scent off of me. I don’t want anyone thinking anything bad, especially…” I trailed off, not wanting to finish the sentence. “My scent is going to be on you anyway, because we are going to be in the car together. So will be mom and dad” he said. “Everything is going to be okay”. I looked up to see Alister had taken over. I nodded my head. Alister kissed my forehead before walking into the bathroom.
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