(2). Personal space

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I wake up with a start. Light is streaming into my bedroom through the window and my alarm is going off. I'm tired and sore and I want to go back to sleep. No wait. I have to pick that...that girl from the airport. My head aches a bit as I roll over but it's nothing I can't handle. One fact about me is that I can drink like a sailor and wake up without a hangover. Is that a good thing? I reach for my phone from the nightstand and I open our group chat. There's three of us in the group; Mia, Hazel and myself. We have our own little coven and those two are the only people I can stand in the world. My super power is not liking people. I type a group message as I sit up in bed. R: I'll be a bit late. I have to pick the girl from the airport and drop her at the apartment. I told them about Savannah last night. Mia was as annoyed as I was but Hazel not so much. She always tries to be rational, and for that, she's not my favourite friend. If I dislike the Savannah girl, then so should she. I mean, what are friends for? A message pops up. Mia: I hope you drop her hard. I start to laugh before Hazel's text comes in. Hazel: Devil's advocate over here. We might love her. R: Are you kidding me? How are we even friends? Hazel: Because you two can't do a thing without me. That's sadly true. R: I'll see you losers at school. Mia: I can't wait to hear all the dirty deets from last night. R: I'm not going to discuss that with you. Hazel: We'll see about that. I place the phone back on the night stand. I strip before I walk to the bathroom, and I brush my teeth as I wait for the water to heat up. I cuss every time I remember that I'll be living with someone starting today. Ever since I was little, I've never had to share my space. I've lived in the best houses, driven the best cars, worn the most expensive clothes but I've never had to share my bedroom with anyone except for Mia and Hazel. But I like Mia and Hazel. I should have considered living in a bigger apartment but I never really thought about it. Whenever my girlfriends sleep over, we sleep in my bed, so my place has always been enough for me. Just thinking about having a partial stranger in my bed makes me want to stab myself. I close my eyes once I step under the hot water. Aaah about last night.... Asher had his freak on; exactly what I needed. I wanted a distraction from the Savannah business and he did an excellent job. In case you're wondering, I have no regrets about last night whatsoever. I've been doing that for quite sometime. Feelings are messy and my life has enough messes already. I can do without worrying about a boy. I settle for snug blue jeans and a white tank top, and I hastily wear light make-up. I run a comb through my hair and once I slide on my knee length flat boots, I'm good to go. I grab my bag and my car keys before I walk out of the apartment. Only for money would I do this. My mom sure knows how to blackmail me. I roll my window down as I drive to the airport. I like feeling my hair being ruffled by the wind. Loud music is blasting from the speakers and I'm tapping the gas pedal with my foot. I like being reckless. * I spot Savannah the moment I walk into the waiting area. We've only met once before but I didn't pay attention to her when she spend Christmas with us. I was lost in my own world as usual and I acted like she didn't exist. She walks towards me, a big smile on her face, and I almost gasp when she throws her arms around me. "No hugging! No hugs." I step back, making her arms drop to her sides, and she spares me an innocent smile. "I give pretty good hugs." "I'll pass." She frowns, and it kind of kills me that she's so pretty. I really don't want anything to do with her, and it'd be easier to deny that we're related if she didn't smile so much. "Are you mad at me for something?" She inquires, almost sadly. "You're taking over my apartment. Does that count?" "You won't even notice that I'm there." "Of course I'll notice. What are you talking about." "Why did you say yes if you didn't want to stay with me?" "Very bold of you to assume I had a choice. My Mom threatened to stop giving me money. Her exact words were 'if you want to be stubborn about the apartment, then get a job and pay for it by your damn self." "What?! She made it look like you were willing to take me in!" "Well, surprise! Let's get moving. I'm late for school." "Just help me pile my bags in the trunk." I roll my eyes as I turn on my heel. "Yeah, that's totally gonna happen." I hear her letting out an exasperated sigh as I get into my car. What does she expect from me? Love and kisses? Sunshine and flowers? All my life, I've grown up hating everyone so she's in the vast majority. I just can't help it. I watch in the rearview mirror as she struggles with the bags. She better not scratch my car. I got it less than a year ago on my birthday. My mom might be a total jerk but she spoils me like her life depends on it. I'm yet to figure out why. She clearly can't stand me. Savannah flashes me a smile as she slips shotgun. "I'm ready." I don't say anything. Very slowly, I put the car into drive and I pull out of the parking lot. I steal a glance at Savannah, and everything gets awkward when I find her looking at me. I turn back to the road. I can't wait to get to Mia and Hazel. * "When was the last time you saw your Mom?" Savannah asks out of nowhere. "Why?" "I think you two need to talk, you know, about the apartment." "You're assuming she cares about what I feel." "Of course she does. She's your mother." "If she did, you wouldn't be here right now." "Riya, can't we just be friends? We are cousins and we'll be living together. The least we can do is get along." "There's no need for that. I'll just assume that you don't exist." "Can you really do that?" "Wait for it." "I was so happy when I learnt that I'll have a cousin in the same college. Now I'll have to find a friend to guide me through the school." I force a tight smile. "All the best in that." Luckily, the caretaker helps her to get her stuff out of my car and carry it to my apartment. I don't even bother to get out of the car. "Do you think you can take me to the mall? I need to buy a few personal effects." Savannah inquires once everything is out of the car but I'm quick to shake my head. "Take a cab." I hate my mother all over again as I press the spare keys into her hands before I drive out of the parking lot. I hope I'll get used to this in a day or two. Or ten. ** Mia and Hazel are waiting for me in the parking lot when I get to school. I pull both of them into a group hug and I just sigh when Hazel rubs my back. "You're so tense. Loosen up." She orders, but I just shake my head. "Everything sucks." "Maybe the Savannah girl will be a nice person." Mia offers with a shrug. "She is nice, actually. I'm the problem. I mean, it's just an apartment, right? It shouldn't be so appalling to have an extra human in there." "You can move in with me. I have a spare bedroom." That's Hazel. "You know that's not an option. I guess I have to cope." "So," Mia starts, looking at us with an air of importance. "Guess who I bumped into this morning?" I narrow my eyes at her. "Jake?" "Ew, and no. Kol and company." Now that piques my interest. "So they do go to college here? I thought Hazel was bluffing." "Hazel doesn't bluff. Kol invited me to his party tonight." "Is that a good thing?" I ask her with a frown. "What do you mean? We're always partying." "My point is, don't get attached to him. You're gonna get hurt." "I know that, Riya. I'm just trying to have fun." "There's only one problem." Hazel notes. "Riya and I aren't invited to that party." "We are a package, of course. He knows that I'll tag you two along." "Do you want to see Asher again?" Hazel asks me, and I shrug carelessly. "I wouldn't mind." "I take it the s*x was good then?" That's Mia. "It wasn't terrible." "Good. So you guys will come to my place at exactly six and we'll get ready together. We have to look good tonight." Mia suggests. "Deal." "Deal." **** I leave school in the afternoon. It's hot and I want to get to my air conditioned apartment to cool off. I have two hours before I go to Mia's and I plan on finishing up my assignment in the meantime. The apartment door is unlocked and I roll my eyes as I push it open. I'll never get used to having someone else living here. I head to the kitchen to retrieve the ice cream tub from the freezer. I frown when I don't find it in there, yet I'm very sure that I placed it there yesterday. Then it hits me. "Savannah!" I yell as I push my bedroom door open. I don't know what I expected to see, but I totally didn't expect to find a shirtless boy lying in my bed, his head propped with my pillows, the ice cream I was looking for melting in his hands. I watch in disbelief as he scoops some ice cream and when he lifts the spoon to his mouth, our eyes meet, I narrow my eyes in disbelief. "Asher?" He c***s his head to the side as he studies me for a second before his face lights up with recognition. Then he smirks. "Aaah the girl from last night? What was your name again?" "What the hell are you doing here?" "Your roommate is in the shower. I'm waiting for her because we are about to step out."
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