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I'm in the spacious living area struggling with an assignment when my phone rings. I smile to myself as I reach for it. My circle is very small so I can already guess who's calling. I frown when I see the caller ID. It's neither Mia nor Hazel. It's my Mom. That's strange. She only calls me when- Actually wait! She never calls me. Ever. I answer the call with a yawn, and I tiredly press the phone to my ear. "What." I drawl in a dismissive tone, my eyes scanning the notes on my laptop. I'm doing my assignment the very last minute as always so I'm a little bit panicky. "How have you been? It's been a minute." The impatience in her voice is hard to miss. "Mom, just tell me why you're calling. We don't have to do the whole greeting thing." "Thank God. Um..I need a favour." This is going to be good. "I'm all ears." "Do you remember your cousin savannah?" "Never heard of her." "Are you serious? She stayed at our home for a week over Christmas with her Mom!" Oh.. "Is her Mom the woman who used to eat all the marshmallows right after we left the store?" "The very one. Listen, Savannah has been admitted to your college." "Yay?" "She needs a place to stay." "Then get her a place to stay?" "That's the problem. She couldn't secure a place at the hostels and we're having a hard time getting an apartment." I shake my head, confused. "So how do I come in?" "She's moving in with you until I sort out everything." "You're joking, right?" "You're getting her from the airport first thing in the morning." "I hardly think so." "I didn't say if it pleases your royal highness." "Mom, I've never had to share my space. I'm not about to share my apartment with some-" She rudely cuts me off. "Can you stop being a brat for about five seconds? Everything is not about you, Riya. Just pull your head out of your bottom already!" "Mom, if you think I'm going to live with that girl-" "You're going to live with that girl, or I'm slashing your monthly allowance by half. If you want to be stubborn about the apartment, then get a job and pay for it by your damn self." I start to gasp but the line is already dead. She already hung up. I stare at my phone for a whole thirty seconds before I place it on the study table. Did I mention that I'm not a fan of my mom's? And that on her side, the feeling is entirely mutual? You wonder why? You'll find out in a minute. * I dial Mia without hesitation. She's my go-to person whenever I want to vent. She doesn't always say the right thing, but she always knows what I need to feel better. Her suggestions are mostly insane, unsafe, unhealthy or immoral, but hey, whatever works, right? Her voice is high pitched when she finally answers her phone. "You're drunk." I say, unamused. She chuckles. "I'm tipsy. There's a difference." "Where are you?" "In a night club. You?" "At home. Mia, it's Thursday night. We have school tomorrow." "No shit." "You shouldn't be drinking." "Says the one who takes a shot every time she thinks class sucked." That happens a lot more than you'd care to imagine. "Look, I'm pissed." "What else is new?" I roll my eyes. "I'll have a roommate starting tomorrow-" "You'll have a roommate starting tomorrow?" "My Mom just called-" "Your Mom just called?" "My cousin is-" "You have a cousin? Ree, what the hell is going on?" "Long story. My Mom wants my cousin to move in with me. I'm freaking out, okay?" "You could just say no." "Mom won't take that for an answer." "I think I'm too drunk for this. How about you get your fancy ass here and talk about that over beer?" "I'm not into beer. You know that. And, I'm trying to get through a stupid assignment." "That assignment is going nowhere. There's a hot guy buffet here at the club. All you have to do is show up and have at it." "I don't feel like partying. My mom just ruined my entire decade." "You just wait till you see the boys. Don't take forever, okay?" I sigh with resignation. "Okay." "Wear something short. I'm calling Hazel." "You do that. I'll see you in a few." I hang up with a sigh. I feel like I do this all the time; wake up, drink, make bad decisions, sleep. Repeat. With that in mind, I shut down my MacBook and close my books. That assignment ain't going anywhere. *** I'm at the club in a record time of thirty minutes. I just wore eyeliner and mascara, applied a thin layer of lip gloss then changed into a short dress. I'm wearing a pair of red high heeled sandals and my hair is falling down my back in massive waves. I pay the cab driver then I walk into the club. I always take a cab whenever I'm about to make bad decisions because I'll need a sober ride home. "Look who is here!" Hazel laughs the moment she spots me. She looks as epic as always in a black bandage dress and sandals. Her hair looks shiny even in the dim lighting, and the brown waves cascading down one shoulder are most surreal. She's wearing bright red lipstick and her eyes are lined with very black eyeliner. She pulls me in for a brief hug then she steps back, regarding me with a knowing smile. "Underdressed much?" I shrug with a laugh. "Mia's idea. She specifically told me to wear something short." "You can't say no to Mia. She's like a puppy." "Where is she?" "In the bathroom, reapplying her lipstick. She's been kissing that guy over there." I follow the movement of her eyes and my breath holds in my chest. The guy she's referring to is seated at the table right next to us. What really catches my attention is his company. There's a total of four guys, him included, and they are all minding their own business. And they're all stupid hot. "They go to our college, allegedly." Hazel explains as she stirs her cocktail and takes a small sip. "They do? Why have I never seen them before?" "Because it's a big college and we can't possibly know everyone?" "They're yummy." "Last time I checked, cannibalism was frowned upon." "I'm getting really close to one of them tonight." I smile innocently. "I'm betting on it. Rubber it up." I roll my eyes. "Okay Mom." "I'm not even kidding." "I'm the drunkest in the room." Mia laughs as she lowers herself into the seat beside me. Hazel creases her brow. "Why are you that drunk?" "Jake doesn't want to hang out with me anymore. That's why." "So what? Screw him." I say without thinking. Jake is a guy from school that she's been doing the devil's tango with. I don't see what the big deal is. He's not even that good looking. "You don't understand. I think I kind of like him." "No, you don't." Hazel counters with a pointed look directed at Mia. "You don't want to catch feelings for that jerk. Believe me." I nod. "I'm with Hazel." "I know, that's why I'm using Kol as a rebound. I'm moving on." I steal another glance at the table. "Kol's kind of hot. Do you know the rest of them?" "Nope. They don't look very chatty." We all look up in surprise when the waitress from earlier places a champagne bottle and three flutes on the table. "From that gentleman over there." She says pleasantly, gesturing towards a guy seated all alone. He seems to be in his late forties; maybe early fifties. "You can take it back. He's not really our type." Hazel smiles politely. "I think he's just being nice." "We're good, really." She shrugs as she picks the champagne bottle and leaves our table. "Holy s**t! They're looking!" Mia exclaims in a whisper, and I spare the next table another quick glance. Three of the guys are looking at us but the fourth is busy on his phone, his back turned to us. I frown when I realize that he doesn't have a beer like the rest. Instead , he's taking still water straight from the bottle. What a badass. "One of them is coming here." Hazel says in a singsong voice. I look up in time just as our eyes meet. He's good looking; maybe even gorgeous. He smiles lopsidedly as he leans over our table. "Can I buy you a drink?" His eyes are on me. "What do I have to lose? He spares Hazel and Mia that lopsided smile. "Kol and Nathan would really love your company." Mia gets up without a fuss and walks over to Kol. He pulls her to him, his fingers locking around her nape, and within minutes, they're all over each other. They're so drunk. Hazel, on the other hand, winks at me before she heads to the table. One of the two guys left pats his lap and she hesitantly lowers herself onto it. The fourth guy doesn't even look up. Maybe he is texting his girlfriend. Or his grandma. I bet he's boring as hell. Yes, I'm judging him. I mean, he is in the company of those boys in a high end nightclub and he's not drinking? Maybe he is their designated driver. Or whatever. I don't really care. Guys who don't drink are not my glass of wine. I'm a bit curious to see his face but I quickly forget about that when my new companion sits on the spot that Mia vacated just seconds ago. "I'm Asher." He tells me, his intense eyes locking with mine. "I'd ask you to call me Ash but I hate the stupid nickname." I down my second shot of vodka before I talk. "I know your type." He raises a curious eyebrow. "Do you now?" "Yeah, so let's skip the whole 'what's your favorite color' thing." I shrug, watching him as his lips upturn in the tiniest hint of a smile. "We can just go for it." He nods slowly. "You're my type." Before I get another word out, he's kissing me; his lips locking with mine, his arm going around me. I grab the front of his shirt to pull him close; then my hands are in his hair and around his neck, and kissing has never felt any better. I have no idea how we make it to his car.
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