C H A P T E R 62 - Dilara.

2056 Words

I sat across from Isabelle, feeling rather out of place. I couldn’t deny the fact that this visit of hers had been something that I hadn’t even been remotely prepared for. She had seemed to come out of nowhere, and there was nothing more that I could do, other than to agree to spend some time with her and hear what she wanted to say. The thing that baffled me, repeatedly, was the fact that she always seemed to time herself so well. She came in just when I was about to close, just when I was almost sure that I would be able to get on with the things that I needed to do before I could go upstairs. Either it was sheer luck that this happened, or she had studied the routine of the café so well that she knew when to come here. Knowing Isabelle, and her personality, I guessed that the chance

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