C H A P T E R 63 - Hades.

212 Words

Perhaps I had been wrong to put that dream in the dear Isabelle’s mine, but what more could I have done? I wanted Dilara to leave the cafe and go to her mother, and if that didn’t happen, then I was simply going to lead her mother right to her. I knew that she was going to be far from happy with it if that was what it came to, but what was she going to do about it? It wasn’t like she could just pack her things and then up and leave. And I doubted that she would know that I was the one behind all of this in the first place. The worst that I would hear about this, was a complaint when I saw her again and that was that. It would be no more than that. I just hoped that I wasn’t making a mistake by doing all of this. Whether she liked it or not, she couldn’t stay alone forever. She needed

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