C H A P T E R 77 - Hades.

585 Words

I wasn't at all surprised by her outburst. Truth be told, it was a lot milder than I had been preparing myself for, and even though she seemed to be on the road to calming down, I found that I was still cautious of her actions. It would be easy for her to claim that she was alright, and that this situation didn't bother her as much as it was bound to, and then the moment that I turned my back on her, she would turn around and hunt down Dilara with everything that she had in her. And I didn't want her to be able to do that. I knew better than anyone, that Dilara was already worried about what could happen. I didn't want something to happen that could actually give her reason to worry. "Say something." I don't know why I bothered to prompt her like this, because I should have known that

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