C H A P T E R 78 - Hades.

201 Words

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to make of her comment, but something that I was sure of, was that I didn't like what I was hearing. I understood that everything that Persephone was saying, were things that absolutely anyone could have said to me. They were normal things that she had a right to say. But it was the way that she said it that made red flags shoot up inside of my mind. It was almost like she was implying something, and I felt like it was an odd thing for her to do, especially considering the fact that she didn't even know who Dilara was, or so I hoped. I decided that it would do me good to make sure that I didn't comment on it, especially not if I had any hopes of keeping Persephone's mind off of injuring Dilara. Perhaps I was wrong, and I was simply jumping to conclusions

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