C H A P T E R 41 - Dilara.

705 Words

I knew that this was a fight that I wasn’t going to win, no matter how much I wanted to. It was why I just decided to give in and allow myself to be carried up the staircase. I was aware of the fact that Hades was under the impression that I was asleep, and truth be told, I didn’t mind that. It meant that he wasn’t going to try and speak to me. Considering the fact that I had woken up and found myself put in this situation, I could do no more than that. All of it was out of my control. It seemed like it was taking an eternity for him to actually get me up the staircase, but by the time that I finally believed that he had left for good, I was actually feeling exhausted. But I knew that I couldn’t go to sleep. I could feel the flour and sweat caked to my face, and to say that it was an

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