C H A P T E R 42 - Dilara.

1539 Words

“Dilara? We need to talk.” I stilled completely, the phone that I had allowed to dangle so carelessly between my shoulder and my head, suddenly feeling like it weighed a ton of bricks. I didn’t know what it was that my mother wanted to talk about, but it concerned me that she seemed so serious about the situation. Yes, of course, it had happened before, but that was where it ended. It hadn’t been anything that I had needed to worry about, not to that extent, at least. But I got the impression that this time was going to be a lot different. I wasn’t sure whether it could be blamed on her choice of wording, or something else, but I knew that I was going to get an earful. She had a knack for choosing bad timing to do things like this, and I didn’t think that she realised that yet. I was i

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