C H A P T E R 43 - Dilara.

549 Words

Even though it had been the worst possible thing that I could have done at that moment in time, I had hung up the phone. I could only imagine how upset my mother had been when she had realised, but she should have known that it was going to happen. Her approach had been so aggressive in the beginning, determined to get what she wanted, and yet, when the time came for her to actually tell me what she was making such a big deal out of, she couldn’t tell me. It was either that, or she was chickening out. I had always known that my mother’s character was much weaker than mine. It was an observation that I had made ages ago, and I hadn’t observed it as a manner of having something to hold against her, but rather to know what I was dealing with. My father on the other hand, was exactly like me

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