C H A P T E R 44 - Dilara.

454 Words

The day seemed to pass my by in a blur. I was easily able to get into the routine of what I needed to do and what needed to be done when. I had thought that it would be more difficult than it was, but I had just proven to myself that I was a creature of habit after all—which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Thanks to the fact that I had spent almost the entirety of last night in the kitchen, there were still more than enough goods for tomorrow, which meant that there was little to no need for preparation. I even went as far as stocking up the display shelfs so that I wouldn’t need to do it in the morning. I was currently in my kitchen, doing the mundane task of peeling potatoes. I was struggling to do it because my hands felt like they were going into some kind of spasm, and I couldn’t

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