C H A P T E R 99 - Hades.

1788 Words

“Regardless of how you felt in the Underworld, it still doesn’t explain how you managed to end up here.” Anastasia was staying focused. Good. I nearly let out a sigh of relief upon realizing that she wasn’t about to lose sight of her responsibilities, but even so, I couldn’t keep myself from being fractionally worried about that moment that I had noticed. She might be trying to cover it up now, but I had seen her face. It had been almost impossible for me to miss it, and she knew it. Now, why would she be trying so hard to pretend that it didn’t happen if it was nothing to worry about? I told myself that I could think of all of these things later. I knew that it wasn’t easy, handling this woman who still didn’t seem to know what was going on around her, but we were doing it. And we wer

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