C H A P T E R 102 - Dilara.

577 Words

I waited and waited for one of them to say something, but it seemed like I was waiting in vain. I took a deep breath, wondering if it would be a good decision for me to get up and go to my room—not that it was really my room, anymore. But it would be so much better than sitting out here, with them. I didn’t want to do this. When I had come here, I hadn’t done so with the intention of having this discussion, or rather, this argument. And yet, here I was. Just as I had been about to stand up, it became apparent that it would not be wise to do so. Would you like to know how I came to realise that? It was because my father took a step forward, stepping in front of my mother in a manner that suggested that he was either looking to protect her, or to cut out her opinion of what he was going to

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