C H A P T E R 103 - Dilara.

1548 Words

“You hold just as much responsibility for the past as we do, Dilara. It does not help that you convince yourself that we need to be held accountable, when you do too. It doesn’t work that way.” This was the first time that my mother had spoken on the matter, and to say the least, I found myself in a position where I started to feel guilty—doing exactly what they had wanted. I believe that the thing that tipped me over the edge, was the fact that my mother had tears that had begun to well up in her eyes. And by seeing this, my heart started to clench rather painfully within my chest. I didn’t think that I would feel this way—after all, I had managed to be strong all this time—but now I was cracking. And what made it all fractionally worse, was the fact that they noticed it. I picked up

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