C H A P T E R 104 - Anastasia.

358 Words

I had been under the impression that Hades and I would leave together, considering the fact that we had come here together, but as it turned out, I had been wrong to think that. Now that he had received confirmation from this woman that she was now on our side, he must have been under the impression that his work here was done, because he wasted no more than a second before leaving—without saying so much as a word to me. I knew that it was his unspoken request for me to finalize everything with her, but I had no desire to do it. But as this woman had pointed out earlier, being a resident of the Underworld, was a full-time job, and this was proof of that. I took a deep breath—not that I needed it, but it helped calm me down—and then I returned my attention to the woman in front of me. She

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