C H A P T E R 14 - Hera.

215 Words

As it turned out, a long soak in the bathtub had been exactly what I needed. By the time that the water had cooled down, I was still laying and waiting to get the courage to get out of the bath. I was certain that I was going to fall asleep at any minute now, despite the fact that I had been asleep for how long on my way back here. I suddenly found myself thinking of my other tenant. Had she managed to realise that there was something amiss? After all, if there was anyone who would have noticed the fact that I hadn’t come or gone once, it would have been her. She was the person who witnessed majority of my comings and goings. But before I could allow myself to get too caught up in the way that I was feeling, I decided to stop allowing my thoughts to run wild, and to focus on what was g

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