C H A P T E R 124 - Dilara.

1559 Words

If I claimed that we had a plan, it would be an outright lie. There was absolutely no plan, nothing other than sheer hope that things would work out and that nothing would be able to find me. Of course, even I knew that that was like waiting for snow in the middle of summer. It was something that just wasn't going to happen, but here we were, fighting the odds. Anastasia seemed to be just as panicked as I was, even though she was the one who had initially decided what it was that we were going to do. I wished that I had as much faith in this plan of hers as she did, because I was sure of the fact that it wasn't going to work. My heart felt like it was about to bounce right out of my chest at any moment now, and I didn't think that it had anything to do with the fact that we were practica

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