C H A P T E R 125 - Hades.

322 Words

I went completely still, watching Anastasia carefully as she burst into the room where I had been having a very private conversation with Persephone. It would be more accurate for me to say that I was threatening her, but I didn't think that she was taking me as seriously as I would have liked her to. It was why we were still here. I wasn't about to let her walk out of here, without knowing that there would be consequences if she ever dared to do something like this again. I wasn't going to allow it. I refused to. I had been on the verge of snapping at Anastasia, but there was something about the way that she looked at me, something about the crazed expression on her face that kept me from doing so. I got this sinking feeling in my chest, and I hoped that it was nothing more than an ov

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