C H A P T E R 126 - Hades.

1587 Words

Leaving Persephone in my chambers was a difficult thing to do, because I knew that she wouldn't do so much as hesitate to leave, and go do whatever it was that she wanted to do, without thinking twice about the matter. I was walking with Anastasia, who was practically running, but I couldn't think of a single reason as to why she was reacting in the way that she was. She hadn't spoken another word to me yet, but I believed that my lack of information was the reason why I wasn't as hasty as she was. Did she realize that I would be more determined to help if I knew what was going on? "Anastasia, you're going to need to speak to me at some point. What's going on? Who has her scent?" We arrived in Cerberus' keep, and I noticed that all of the female hounds had been brought here. I realized

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