C H A P T E R 84 - Anastasia.

295 Words

As much as I was thankful that I was the person being entrusted to do this, I found myself becoming increasingly irritated by what was happening. Even though I had more than enough reason to go up to the surface without it being questioned, I knew that it was only a matter of time before someone begun to take note of what was happening. Hades wasn’t going to be the one who was held accountable for what I was doing—it would be me. I was going to be the one who needed to answer Persephone. Not him or anyone else. I would be the one who was accused of being disloyal to our Queen. And even though Hades would be more than ready to stand beside me and defend me, I knew that if they found me, they would have found Dilara. And then it would be too late. The situation would be out of our hands.

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