C H A P T E R 85 - Anastasia.

204 Words

When I found myself standing in Dilara’s bedroom, I couldn’t help but feel out of place. When she was awake and interacting with me, I didn’t feel this way, but now, with her asleep in the bed, I found myself wishing that this was the last place that I was. The only thing that I had needed to do, was to come here and check up on her. Essentially, in doing this, I had done so. I might not have had a conversation with her, but I could tell that she was still alive and breathing. And there was nothing and no one here that could be considered as a threat to her. But even through that feeling of discomfort, I found that I couldn’t leave. I wasn’t sure why this was the case, but I was going to wait here. I was sure that I would realise what the problem was in a matter of time, I just needed

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