C H A P T E R 94 - Hades.

1024 Words

Anastasia and I both ended up inside of Dilara’s apartment, and as I stood there and tried to pick up on the territorial mark, I simply couldn’t. But just because I wasn’t able to pick up on the fact that something here was off, it didn’t mean that the same counted for Anastasia. I was instantly able to pick up on her discomfort, on the way that she seemed to curl into herself. It was an obvious affect of the mark, and I couldn’t help but wonder why it was affecting her so badly. After all, it wasn’t like Anastasia was a young Shapeshifter. She was one of the most strong-willed demons that I had. “I think, for the sake of safety and appearances, I’m going to do this.” And just like that, I found that Anastasia was no longer standing in front of me—instead, the person who was standing i

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