C H A P T E R 39 - Dilara.

255 Words

Of course, I knew what I had to do that evening. I didn’t think that I was going to feel very well afterwards, but I was going to do what needed to be done, regardless of what it was going to take from me. I wasn’t about to risk my future, for a man who may not be a permanent factor in it. But this was permanent. The café was permanent. But I needed to try and make sure that things like this didn’t happen again. I didn’t care about the fact that I was overworking myself, and I didn’t care about the fact that I was going to be exhausted in the morning either. None of that mattered to me. What my main priority was for the evening, was making sure that the quality of my work was what it used to be. And if it took a dozen batches of cookies, or ninety-seven pasty dishes, I would make sure th

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