C H A P T E R 38 - Dilara.

1445 Words

The next day, I could almost say that things had gone back to normal. The only thing that was different, was the fact that I was now f****d to think about the fact that Hades had been around last night. It wasn’t exactly a train smash, because I was still able to do what needed to be done in and around the café without anyone realising that my mind was somewhere else. I wasn’t too sure about the quality of the pastries that I baked, but oddly enough, I wasn’t receiving any complaints, either. I had spent the night, sleeping more peacefully that I had slept in ages. It was something that was rather odd, because you would think that I would have been as bothered by what Hades had come to do as I had been when it was Anastasia who had done it. But that wasn’t the case. The moment that my he

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