C H A P T E R 37 - Hades.

958 Words

When I found myself back in the Underworld, I dreaded my encounter with Persephone. It wasn’t that I wasn’t looking forward to seeing her, but it was that I wasn’t looking forward to the questions that she was going to ask before she finally decided that it would be acceptable for the two of us to go to sleep—although I doubted that it would be sleep that she wanted to do. It was something that I wasn’t very eager for, but even so, I recognised and realised that it was something that I needed to do. Just as I had promised Dilara this evening, I would do whatever was needed from me, to make sure that her safety would never come into question. It wasn’t exactly the easiest thing, having to lie to Persephone, but strangely enough, it was something that I was willing to do. I wasn’t sure whe

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